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We arrived in Astore, a Himalayan village perched on the mountainside, to find access to our guesthouse blocked by a polo match. It was on the edge of the field, on the other side. We were stoked, polo is the best audience participation sport there is and we’ve only seen a game once before in India. There were some female spectators but generally they were behind the caged section or on nearby rooftops. None were on the edge of the field like us and of course as the only foreigners we were a spectacle in our own right. As we walked the length of the pitch behind the spectators every single head turned to look at us. Even the local media guy wanted to interview us (we declined). We loved being close to the action and ... read more

Trip to see all the basic health units, medical centres and clinics in the Chitral, Booni, Mastuj, Shandur and Gilgit regions on behalf of Aga Khan Health Services, Pakistan.... read more

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The Kunjerab pass and border crossing was the most significant event of this mountainstrip, in terms of remoteness from UK, altitude risk, border complexities to get right, it all worked like clockwork. China immigration was bit slow on edge of Kashgurgan town, wait on 3 buses loading at same time, so we could all depart together. Alim our guide left immediately our passports were returned, we were pleased with his help. So 80km and 1700m to climb, but had bit of altitude sickness from 3900m and up - bit headache, not good as a lot higher to go! Drink some water and pull finger out, felt at worst at top, better as soon as U descend. Altitude sickness was a surprise, had no problems at 4100m just day before, also had stayed high to acclimatise for ... read more
Road to Pakistan
New dwellings
Wakhan Corridoor

Went to Gilgit in the winter of 2011 to study the government and private schools operating there.... read more
Gilgit - Dec 2011
Gilgit - Buddha Carving at Kargah Nulla - Dec 2011

Well I think I'll run out of superlatives trying to describe the mountains I've just seen in the Karakoram range. They are just breathtaking. I had stunning views of K2 from its Base camp, similarly of Broad Peak which we passed enroute. Although we had quite a few days with cloud, we got to see most of the big peaks as we travelled up the Baltoro galcier - I think it could be a long slide show! The Pakistani people who were with us on the trek were great and very friendly - some of the cooks could speak a bit of English and the Guide could, so I got him to teach me some Urdu which I would try out on unsuspecting Porters! The other trekkers were a great crowd and we all got on ... read more

August 18 After a 4 course breakfast and discussing pakistan with a recent visitor I head off to the bus station only to find my German travel companions are unable to go as one has become violently sick through the night. This turns to a positive though as they give me their hotel reservations in Tashgurkan. Even though the bus is supposed to leave at 9am, it was three hours later that we departed, were after 1/2 hour drive it was high priority we stop for a 2 hour lunch break. We arrive soon afterwards at Karakul lake, discharging all of the passengers besides myself....I start wondering if this is really a good idea to head to pakistan. Eventually my bus arrives in Tashgurkan and after getting my free room (with no locking door) I head ... read more
Customs house
Kunjerab pass compatriots
Kunjerab pass

Excerpt of the Rev. H. Nigel Fox Jr. Travel Journal - Circa 1945 ENTRY 37-- Wonderful Counsellor As I write in my travel journal I must admit I was having a very good time of it. Although Miss Wilkes did not appear particularly keen to acknowledge it, we were becoming lovers - at least in a spiritual sense. We had spent several delightful evenings roaming the vineyards together, not to mention our excursions to the upper benches. She shared with me the most intimate details of her life. Most fascinating was the story of how she came to be associated with the Indian Messiah. The first encounter had taken place years earlier. At that time Miss Wilkes was hoping to become a nun and dedicate her life to God and teaching. As a substitute at one ... read more

Excerpt of the Rev. H. Nigel Fox Jr. Travel Journal - Circa 1945 ENTRY 36 -- Sea of Glass Many who travel to the East are quite taken with India's holy men and the mystical lifestyle. For me, life at the ashram was like a glorious dream. I seemed to be living in a different world of love and peace. The effect of the Holy Spirit, which came from Christ, was immediate and powerful! His grace flooded my entire being. It illuminated the glory of Nature, and made me love every person I met. To surrender all for Christ's sake as St. Francis did, brought me a joy that passed all understanding. The last time I felt this "ecstasy of the Spirit" was at my conversion. God was again fully present! Daily Routine url= rema... read more

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