Poorly Planned Seasonal Tourism: Winter in Nepal

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December 19th 2007
Published: January 9th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

A Tip For Seasonal Travel: I Wish Someone Had Told Me This Before You wouldn’t do an Alaskan cruise during winter and you wouldn’t visit the Sahara in summer. These are two well established pieces of assumed knowledge which every one of us has installed somewhere between our earlobes. From this, it should not take a long stretch of hard thought to come to the simple conclusion that you should... Read Full Entry

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Bad Weather For HikingBad Weather For Hiking
Bad Weather For Hiking

The day when everything seemed to be against us. Nuptse and Everest are hidden somewhere in that cloud.
Strangely Frozen StreamStrangely Frozen Stream
Strangely Frozen Stream

Ice was everywhere, it looked weird.

The coldest place on the trek. This was taken from the rim of the glacier.
The Only Thing Which Can Live Up ThereThe Only Thing Which Can Live Up There
The Only Thing Which Can Live Up There

Other than Yaks and silly Australians that is. No, scratch that bit about Australians.

The following day heralded clear but cold weather. This is the view from Lobuche out the front of the guesthouse. It was completely different without clouds, I mean, there was a massively giant mountain right there!
Ben Is ColdBen Is Cold
Ben Is Cold

Walking to Gorak Shep on the hardest day of my life.
Ben and PumoriBen and Pumori
Ben and Pumori

The black rocky lump in front of Pumori is Kalla Pathar - the mountain that I climbed.
More of the GlacierMore of the Glacier
More of the Glacier

I'm serious when I say that we had to walk over this terrain. It was little more than rough rocks strewn about the place.
Out on the GlacierOut on the Glacier
Out on the Glacier

Walking among the ice.
Ben Contemplates an Oddly Placed RockBen Contemplates an Oddly Placed Rock
Ben Contemplates an Oddly Placed Rock

Being on the glacier was strange, the rocks and ice formed such unbelievable shapes.

9th January 2008

Great blog and photos!
Hindsight always 20/20 - another true cliché... congratulations on surviving the Himalayas in December!
11th January 2008

Stunning photos. Almost makes me want to go in December...
12th January 2008

Brilliant blog
I was there in November and even then, the temperature plummetted to -17 degrees at night time. It was just insane! Great pictures you have here, reminded me so much of my previous trip.
2nd May 2008

looking forward to it
Hey, entertaining blog, man! I'm headed up to EBC in monsoon season and you've really made me excited about it.
20th September 2008

Amazing pics...
..and a great blog. I've painful memories of going above 5000m but I'd love to try this hike to Base Camp someday. Though perhaps not in December!
29th June 2009

thanks for your detailed blog.So you it'sbetter to go in september?No musson rain?i want to go in september. and also i read your trip in istanbul.if you're still here i can give you some other advice
9th March 2010

Was your guide Rajesh Shrestha?
30th March 2010

No, he was Rajkumar Basnet. Sorry.

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