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November 10th 2008
Published: November 10th 2008
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We had spent a few days exploring around Pokhara before Stu headed off to Annapurna Base camp. We rented some bikes and headed for the hills, looking for a Tibetan refugee camp we heard about. While looking for it we stumbled upon a Buddhist Monastery. We got a great tour around and got amazing insights and explanations about the Buddhist religion. There were little Buddhist boys running around some of them were only 5 years old, from Tibet. We asked the monk who was showing us around how come there were Monks so young and sooooooo cute. He explained to us that sometimes their parents had sent them for a better life but that sometimes they had decided themselves that they wanted to be monks as they had memories from their past lives and wanted to continue on their journey to enlightenment!!!! After this we found the Tibetan refugee camp. It was a very interesting place, filled with Tibetan refugees trying to sell us their jewelery or handmade carpets. We went into another monastery and here had a really interesting conversation with a Monk abut his beliefs. He told us stories to explain the true meaning of being a Buddhist. Amazing way to view life... On the way back from our day trip we called back into the first Buddhist Monastery. Stu was promised a game of football with the young monks. The little monks came out in all their football gear. Real Arsenal and Man U jerseys on under their Buddhist garbs. So funny. Tierry Henry the monk!!!! Got some great pics of Stu playing, they kicked his ass!

Stu here!
Well I never knew you could sweat through your eyelids but apparently at 4000 meters on the way up to Annapurna Base Camp, you do. Everywhere sweats. It was really tough walking. So steep. Still not sure whether its worse going up or coming down. It really kills the knees on the way down. I reckon in a few years time there will be a reality Tv Programme called "Fat mountain", where overweight Americans called "Rod and Fanny"get dragged up to Base Camp in a week and weigh in every night. In the last episode the Helicopter camera does a 360 around them on top of the snowy summit, eye of the tiger plays in the backgound. "I knew i had it in me Rod", Fanny shouts from the top..... Anyway it was all worth it. The views were unreal and on the night before i walked up to Base Camp it dumped snow. That morning was so beautiful walking up the valley and into BC during sunrise with everything covered in snow. I managed to do it in 6 days and got back to Pokhara 3 days ago where Pam had been chilling out since.

I was very happy to see Stu come bounding into the guesthouse earlier than I had expected, safe and sound. While he was up climbing the Himalayas i took it very easy. I did a one day trek up to the Peace pagoda and went to see Devi Falls, which is just a big waterfall. There were great views of Pokhara from up at the Pagoda. I went swimming in a pool looking up and the vast snow capped mountains in the distance. I went practicing yoga up on a hill in pokhara town looking out on Pewa Tahl lake. It was interesting with lots of Mantras and humming etc.....Different to the yoga back home for sure! There was many cakes eaten! and cups of tea drunk while reading on the roof of the guesthouse looking up at the mountain that I knew Stu was slogging up! I really enjoyed the rest period as I think it will stand to me before we enter the pure madness of India. We have just bought our tickets to Varanasi India, only a 24 hour bus ride (Cant wait ) THE REAL MADNESS BEGINS IN THREE DAYS......

Pam and Stu

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10th November 2008

We had ribs in Una's in Sunday. Crab cocktail to start.
10th November 2008

sooooo jealous
oh my god guys I am reading your blog and I actually fell like crying I am sooooooo jealous! Glad to see the 2 of you are having a ball!!! Stay safe will be in youch soon Dee XXXX
11th November 2008

Heya Guys...whatan unbelievable record of your time away...it's so cool to hear about your trip - it's like a fairytale with all the pics and all....dunno who is taking the pics...gonna go out on a limb and say Stu (sorry Pam!) but they are just incredible...both of you look great, so chilled and healthy and 'recession-expression' free!! Totally inspiring to hear all about all the sights and stories - I feel like packing my bags myself...!! Wetting myself watching the donkey 'nudge'....and Pam cacking herself in the background!! Think we all could have done with a bit of Dr. PK on Sunday after Bren and PK's partay...good laugh, I'm sure you heard about the flab-o-gram...definitely worthy of a blog!! Laters, xxxxxxxxxx
11th November 2008

You Guys!
LOVIN the updates. Well done Stu and loved the typical reality TV show Rod and Fanny. Looking forward to seeing that one! Keep up the good work - looks like an incredible trip! x
26th November 2008

Where are you?
No updates for all us bored 9 to 5ers! Come on get writing!!

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