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October 30th 2008
Published: October 30th 2008
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1: God's House rapid, Karnali. Thats us.... 47 secs
Hey all.
So we're just back from a ten day white water rafting trip. It was unreal. Pam thought, for some reason, we were off to some lazy river style trickle through the jungle, spotting the beautiful wildlife on the banks along the way, while sipping mohitos on the side of our cruiser. By the time our inflatable raft reached the start of the rapids and a grade 4+ monster called "Gods House" welcomed us to the Kanali River, the Mohito was on hold and staying in the raft became the priority. 3 days of rollercoaster river, all grade 4 to 5 (by the way it only goes up to grade 6 and Niagra Falls is 6), Rapids called Sweetnes and Light, Juicer, and Jailhouse Rock all kept us busy.
There are numerous white sandy beaches along the way and every night we camped under the brightest stars i've ever seen. The Karnali is in the far west of Nepal. There are absolutely no roads around it, apart from the start and the end. The remoteness of the place was probably just as enjoyable as the white water. Tiny bamboo vilages dotted the banks and tens of kids would come running out and along the shore, chasing the rafts and Kayaks, just watching these bright and stange boats flying past. Because the area is so difficult to get to and it takes so long, the villagers only see about 3 of these trips passing a year. It was so unspoilt. Like going back in time. A real privelage to be there.
So were back in Pokhara now and on Sturday i'm off treking on my own for a week or so. We didn't make it all the way to Base Camp Annapurna the last time so i'm gonna go back there again and take in another trek as well to a place called Poon Hill on the way. Should be cool. Pam is spending a week doing yoga here in Pokhara. We found this savage little gardened guest house so its a good base while we plan the next stage of travels and India in 3 weeks time or so. Right now we are loving Nepal so much its going to be hard to leave. Thats the news for now. Miss yas all and stay in touch. Stu and Pam

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30th November 2008

Nice one Stu... you managed to find the skinniest man in Nepal, put him in a little boat, and make yourself look like an even fatter bastad! And as for that doctor... is he the "hi everybody" doc from the Simpsons?!

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