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Asia » Nepal » Pokhara April 22nd 2015

Hi All, The helicopter arrived about 9.15am. It took about 15mins to get to Lukla, shared the helicopter with a young male who was going to Kathmandu to school. Arrived at Lukla and was shown to arrivals room ( not quite sure if this is what it actually was but that's what I'm calling it). Had a nice cup of tea there while I waited about 45mins for helicopter to take me back to Kathmandu. By this time I was feeling a little better, not much andjust a little. After the helicopter was unloaded the young male and myself climbed aboard, no time was wasted, probably took about 5mins from the time it landed to take off. As I was feeling a bit better I could appreciate the trip.We flew quite low in the valleys, and ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara April 21st 2015

Hi All, Sorry for not updating sooner, have been a bit under the weather. Our free day in Namche was interesting and relaxing. Got up at a leisurely time, after breakfast got ready for a short trek to the Tensing Norget museum a few mts higher than Namche. The views were fantastic but Everest was still hidden by clouds. After about 2 hrs there was descended back to our tea house for lunch. On the way back we met a crew from the Indian army preparing to climb the summit. After lunch it was time to do some shopping, unfortunately I thought it would do mine on the way back so I wouldn't have to carry it needless to say that will not happen. Everything was going well, had dinner then went to bed for an ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara April 11th 2015

Bandipur, Nepal 28th March 2015 "A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving" Lao Tzu I chanced upon an Italian traveler in a small darba in Kathmandu whilst having a paratha and channa for lunch. In chatting about my intention to leave Kathmandu soon and ride to Pokhara, she mentioned a village called Bandipur that is on the way and suggested that I go there. She said that while it was touristic, it was very peaceful with an enchanting old Newari main bazaar. And so it was in my mind as I rode to Pokhara... perhaps I might check it out, walk around for a hour or so.... take a break on my journey. .The village is off the main road, just after Dumre, which joins Kathmandu with Pokhara. I rode ... read more
Bandipur village life
Eccentric nice Nic
Main street Niwari architecture

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara March 12th 2015

I was half asleep when I heard a rustling and a clicking of all the light switches then BOOM! On came the light. The conversation followed: Pearl, what are you doing?! My camera wasn't charging so I'm plugging it back in here. Turn the light off! For gods sake, you are so selfish! Just put your blinders (eyemask) on! She'd bloody done it this time. I looked at my phone-0457. I laid there and tried to get back to sleep, but it didn't come. I looked at the clock again 0542. We were meeting for breakfast at 0715, so thought I may as well get up. I got out of bed and found the light switch by me-boom, on came the light. I found the light switch by Molly Brown, Boom on came that one too. ... read more
Who's get my goat?!
Baby rhino
Our quiet jeep

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara March 6th 2015

Holi, the Festival of Colors So yesterday was Holi the Hindu celebration of Spring, also known as the festival of colors. It marks the end of winter and beginning of spring according to the lunar calendar, as opposed to the vernal equinox, which happens on March 20th and is observed in the western world. Holi is celebrated by throwing colored powder at people or smearing it on their face and chest along with shooting squirt guns and throwing water balloons. Of course not all the kids can afford squirt guns so they improvise by taking an old 1 ½ or 2 liter soda bottle mixing the colored powder and water and poking a small hole in the top to spray the water. Everyone is fair game on Holi day, it doesn't matter if you a... read more
The Powder is  Just a Flying
It's All Done With Respect
This is What the Colored Powder Looks Like in It's Calm, Natural State

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara January 20th 2015

The story really has to start with Yoro. Yoro was Mansiri's Father-in-law. He is one hundred years old and the poor chap had recently lost his second wife, Mansiri's Mother-in-law, to cancer. Mansiri had come to Nepal to celebrate his birthday and this was now postponed to next year. Despite his age Yoro was still spritely with a gleam in his eye. He had been a Gurkha, had fought in WWII and had spent six months in a prisoner of war camp in Italy before being liberated by the Americans. He had been discharged after being shot in the buttock! He was happy to respond to my questions via Mansiri. As Mansiri commented it was quite a weird conversation. I spoke in English. She then spoke to him in the local Gurung language with other family ... read more
Sikles perched on the hillside at 2100m with the Annapurna range above
A typical street in Sikles
Ser on the steps of the family house

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara January 17th 2015

Exactly unlike the constitution of my faeces, the past week has been long and hard. Plunging into diarrhea and vomiting a day after arriving at Pratik and Ganga's house, neither E and I were really able to fully enjoy our time in Lalitpur/Kathmandu and felt pretty bad about being a sickly yoke across their household. Arriving into Kathmandu a few days previous had been a journey of growing positivity despite the to-be-expected hair raising mountain road driving of the bus that brought us from the border. A group of men from South India, also on the bus, were very kind and helped us get to and book into a hotel after we arrived at half one in the morning. Two days at a pricey hotel in Thamel, Kathmandu's tourist district, felt a welcome relief after a ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara January 11th 2015

"We have a saying in Nepal", said Mansiri. "Treat guests as Gods". Thanks to Mansiri and her family we now know how gods feel. We arrived at Kathmandu airport from Delhi and were taken under Mansiri's wing from when we stepped from the airport door. We got an all too brief meeting with her husband, Yam, who flew back to England that evening to go back to work. We have been chaperoned by Mansiri and her extended family ever since and can not thank them enough. Many of Mansiri's family live in Pokhara (pronounced more like 'Pokra') Nepal's second city 5 hours drive West of Katmandu. The next day we headed there ("I try and stay as little time as possible in Kathamdu", Mansiri commented) after the briefest glimpse of the tourist ghetto of Thamel ('Tamel'). ... read more
A family taking their picture outside the Manakamana temple
Get a string bracelet for a small donation
The incredible view from Bobbie and Phim's rooftop balcony in Pokhara

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara November 8th 2014

Day 5 start of trek Pokhara taxi to Nayaipul. I woke up at 6:30 AM and had a good free breakfast at the hotel and walked out at 730 to meet my guide and the other gal trekking with me. I waited for like 20 minutes and the guide showed up first, then the owner of the agency and then the Australian gal Anna. We left our bags in the office and got ourselves in a taxi and drive up to Nayaipul ( which is the start of a few treks and it is about 1 hour from Pokhara. The ride was through the mountains and countryside and the road was curvy and windy. The tour guide out some Nepalese radio station and it was playing fold Nepalese music which is mostly flute, harp and guitar ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara October 20th 2014

Haven't posted anything for a while, been trekking and then Pokhara is too beautiful to waste time typing a blog out! We set off on the Annapurna circuit trek, not really knowing or thinking about what a trek a really is, in hindsight it would've been greatly advantageous to have checked this out, because it turns out trekking is fucking hard work and lots of walking! As oppose to the brisk walk we expected. Stupid to think that really when the highest point of the trek is 5416M, but there you go. So we set off in high spirits, excited for the scenery we would encounter over the next three weeks...yes, 3 fucking weeks! The start of the trek was littered with Chinese mines and lots of construction, slightly ruining the beautiful mountain scenery surrounding us. ... read more

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