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Asia » Nepal » Pokhara August 29th 2015

Day 41 - Pokhara - free day Today's blog may seem uneventful, apart from the paragliding for Anna and Bernie, but trust me, the free day was very welcome by all! It's something you are really ready for due to the constant early mornings and long travel spells! We had an early start, 3.45am. We were hoping for a sunrise view from a village up in the mountains. I got up, met with Anu, it was cancelled due to the overcast sky. No sunrise today! But credit to everyone, we all got up on good time! I have to say, I wasn't sorry to go back to bed as I had a rough night.... Very dizzy! It seems to be when I change height! Getting up from a chair, laying down on the bed, once I ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara August 28th 2015

Day 40 - Leaving Barauli, mountain roads to Pokhara Anna and I had an early night last night, both in bed for about 10.30pm. We have the alarm set for 6.15am. We need to have our bags ready, bill paid, and breakfast completed by 7am, ready to meet with Anu. We are leaving at 8am for the long drive to Pokhara. We are expecting the drive to take about 6 or 7 hours. Anu explained that due to the monsoon rains, the mountain roads are a slow, difficult drive, this is why the time frame is very flexible. We set off in good time. All jobs done. Anna and I just split the bill between us. We were both very pleasantly shocked at the cost! We have been there for two days and nights. So, for ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara May 29th 2015

Just over a month ago, on April 25tha 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. The earthquake struck about half way between Kathmandu and Pokhara, the 2 biggest cities, with the former being the capital of Nepal. As of today the death toll stands at 8924. I was in Pokhara attending an introduction to Buddhism course. We were in the middle of a discussion on karma when the earthquake hit. There were 26 people in the class. When we realized what was happening some people started heading down the stairs to the courtyard. My initial reaction was to stand near a stanchion because I remember hearing that you should get under a table or stand in a doorway support beam because that is the strongest part of a building. Then I realize that I am in Nepal and ... read more
Earthquake in Nepal 2
Earthquake in Nepal 3
Earthquake in Nepal 4

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara April 22nd 2015

Hi All, The helicopter arrived about 9.15am. It took about 15mins to get to Lukla, shared the helicopter with a young male who was going to Kathmandu to school. Arrived at Lukla and was shown to arrivals room ( not quite sure if this is what it actually was but that's what I'm calling it). Had a nice cup of tea there while I waited about 45mins for helicopter to take me back to Kathmandu. By this time I was feeling a little better, not much andjust a little. After the helicopter was unloaded the young male and myself climbed aboard, no time was wasted, probably took about 5mins from the time it landed to take off. As I was feeling a bit better I could appreciate the trip.We flew quite low in the valleys, and ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara April 21st 2015

Hi All, Sorry for not updating sooner, have been a bit under the weather. Our free day in Namche was interesting and relaxing. Got up at a leisurely time, after breakfast got ready for a short trek to the Tensing Norget museum a few mts higher than Namche. The views were fantastic but Everest was still hidden by clouds. After about 2 hrs there was descended back to our tea house for lunch. On the way back we met a crew from the Indian army preparing to climb the summit. After lunch it was time to do some shopping, unfortunately I thought it would do mine on the way back so I wouldn't have to carry it needless to say that will not happen. Everything was going well, had dinner then went to bed for an ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara April 11th 2015

Bandipur, Nepal 28th March 2015 "A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving" Lao Tzu I chanced upon an Italian traveler in a small darba in Kathmandu whilst having a paratha and channa for lunch. In chatting about my intention to leave Kathmandu soon and ride to Pokhara, she mentioned a village called Bandipur that is on the way and suggested that I go there. She said that while it was touristic, it was very peaceful with an enchanting old Newari main bazaar. And so it was in my mind as I rode to Pokhara... perhaps I might check it out, walk around for a hour or so.... take a break on my journey. .The village is off the main road, just after Dumre, which joins Kathmandu with Pokhara. I rode ... read more
Bandipur village life
Eccentric nice Nic
Main street Niwari architecture

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara March 30th 2015

For some reasons, I had not published my earlier blog written on Nepal, and it's unfortunate to see such a great country being damaged by the powerful earth quake on 25 April 2015. My prayers go to the people whose lives were taken by the natural disaster. I had purchased the ticket back in November last year as my husband wanted to go during Lunar New Year. One month before the planned departure, he told me that he could not go but thankfully, my two distant cousins agreed to come along via Singapore. The two cousins arrived earlier than my flight via Kuala Lumpur which landed at midnight. The airport pick up arrangement had saved the hassle of negotiating taxi fare which usually was not fixed upfront, and it is up to the passengers and taxi ... read more
Seti River
Local kids
The view from Sarangkot Hill

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara March 24th 2015

NEPAL After traveling around south east Asia for six months the intensity of the countries start to waver and what was fascinating soon becomes normal. I do not regret a single penny or wish I had done something differently, each country has a unique trait that you can love. Nepal is by far the best destination yet. From a mental city of Kathmandu to lake side heavens in Pokhara. I wish we had more time to explore this country but we need to leave some thing for our return visit. Dal Baht power every 3 hour gave me a terrific diet boost and I see why the locals love this twice a day every day, it makes you take on the world with ease. Getting about from the airport is a bit of a pain with ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara March 13th 2015

At 0445 the alarm went off. Urgh I hate mornings, and I really hate early mornings! I tried to be quiet so as not to wake Steph, but the alarm woke her too, and despite feeling rubbish and full of cold, she decided to get up and come along too. We met in the lobby and no surprise that we were hanging about waiting for Molly Brown. Raghu phoned up to her room where it seemed she was still in bed having not received her wake up call. I actually think she had booked it for the wrong room as Lesley had cancelled one to hers that she hadn't made. I would have been tempted to go without her, as the saying goes, you snooze you loose, but we waited until she blustered onto the bus ... read more
Peak of fish tail
The walk back down
Saying goodbye to india

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara March 12th 2015

I was half asleep when I heard a rustling and a clicking of all the light switches then BOOM! On came the light. The conversation followed: Pearl, what are you doing?! My camera wasn't charging so I'm plugging it back in here. Turn the light off! For gods sake, you are so selfish! Just put your blinders (eyemask) on! She'd bloody done it this time. I looked at my phone-0457. I laid there and tried to get back to sleep, but it didn't come. I looked at the clock again 0542. We were meeting for breakfast at 0715, so thought I may as well get up. I got out of bed and found the light switch by me-boom, on came the light. I found the light switch by Molly Brown, Boom on came that one too. ... read more
Who's get my goat?!
Baby rhino
Our quiet jeep

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