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December 7th 2011
Published: December 7th 2011
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We're back! What a beautiful trek! Langtang Valley is a beautiful u-shaped glacier carved valley on the Northern Nepal border with Tibet. The 80 mile bus ride actually did take 9 hrs! Mostly due to the road, some due to the fact we were constantly stopping to pick up and drop off. The load included 4 boxes of baby chicks, tons of bags of potatoes & rice and 2 goats tied to the roof!

The trek - gorgeous but harder than we had hoped! We gained 8000 ft in elevation in 20 miles over 3 days and lost it all coming back down. And that did not count all the times you were losing elevation along the way. It was up & up and then down and down! But we both feel in pretty good shape now! And it was beautiful walking thru hemlocks, oaks, silver fir, holly and 20' tall rhodies and tons of bamboo. Some sections, the light filtered thru the trees, reflecting off the beautiful hanging moss. Some sections were really magical. And other sections just miserable. The trail was well marked, but much of it was eroded due to heavy rains last month. There was tons
On the trailOn the trailOn the trail

No one had it easy And we never took the camera out for the really steep stuff!
of loose rock and dirt. Its an odd statement that at the end of the day, it was my neck that was sore (from constantly looking down), not my legs!

The tea houses were wonderful, very clean and the food delicious. We are at the end of the trekking season in this area, so there were only a few of us at the tea houses. No more than 2 others where we stayed, which allowed us to enjoy the company of the owners.

Sitting there, warmed by the fire, with candles for light, contemplating how little has changed in this area, and then the phone rings! Yes, cell phone service works the entire length of the trail. It was pretty odd!

The weather was fantastic, beautiful blue skies and warm during the day. Close to freezing at night. Thank goodness for those down sleeping bags!

Rushing to get this out, we leave tomorrow morning for the S of Nepal to Chitwan National Park where you ride elephants to see rhinos. We will stay there 3 days before we head to the indian border and with some luck catch the train to Guwharti in Assam. Hope all
Porters on the trailPorters on the trailPorters on the trail

they were carrying everything!! There must of been 20 mattresses going up the trail!
is well with everyone!

Additional photos below
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Typical items for sale on the trailTypical items for sale on the trail
Typical items for sale on the trail

in case you forgot that hat
Ed taking a tea breakEd taking a tea break
Ed taking a tea break

with baby snow leopard behind him
Typical common area in the tea houseTypical common area in the tea house
Typical common area in the tea house

These were so welcome after the day, wood stove keeping us nice & warm
Typical roomTypical room
Typical room

Spartan but clean
Suspension bridgeSuspension bridge
Suspension bridge

These were great! Considering the up and down we would have had to do without them! There could have been more
WAter drvien prayer wheelsWAter drvien prayer wheels
WAter drvien prayer wheels

the river keeps the prayer wheels turning

7th December 2011

Thank you for sharing...please keep us updated. Beautiful photos.
10th December 2011

Your trek looks wonderful, I am envious. Thank you so much for sharing. We are sending blessings and warm healing heat to those parts that need it. Have a wonderful safe journey. Namaste'

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