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Asia » Nepal » Langtang August 5th 2015

My trekking adventure in Helambu, Langtang and Tamang Heritage Trail took place in October/November 2014 and most of this story was written before the devastating earthquake which struck 5 months later leaving some the places I had been hiking through beyond recognition and in total ruins. My thoughts go to all those people who suffered in these tragic events. Day 1 : Sundarijal 1350 m. - Chisopani 2140 m. 6h50m After having spent a couple of days in Kathmandu preparing for my trip and getting to much exposure to the citys alarmingly insane pollution, I was delighted to be heading out of this damaging environment for the next 2-3 weeks and embrace the fresh, clean air offered by its beautiful countryside and amazing mountains. Unlike my prevoius treks to the Everest Region , Annapurna Region, Kangchenjunga ... read more
Stone steps in Mulkharka
The wonderful middle hills of Nepal near Mulkharka

Asia » Nepal » Langtang October 15th 2014

Van Chilime naar Tatopani (tato=heet, pani= water) Wakker worden zonder het geluid van regen. Zou de regen na 1,5 dag nonstop huisgehouden te hebben nu eindelijk afgelopen zijn? Uit het raam zagen we een super blauwe lucht met besneeuwde bergtoppen, yes!! Tijdens het lopen had Jeanine last van de velle zon, maar alles beter dan de regen van gisteren. We kwamen vandaag mensen tegen die gisteren wel verder waren gelopen, zij zaten onder de bloedzuigers, daar hebben wij gelukkig nog niet mee te maken gehad. We kwamen vermoeid aan in Tatopani, een plekje met alleen maar houten huisjes. Stiekem was het wel een beetje toeristisch door de warm water bron. De natural hotspring zat alleen wel vol met Duitsers. De lokale bevolking mooie bedekkende kledij. Toeristen helaas in oma onderbroeken(bruin van de modder), met flubberbenen en ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Langtang October 14th 2014

Regen. Regen. Regen. Ons plan was om door te lopen naar Tatopani, waar je kan genieten van een natuurlijke heet water bron. En daar zagen we wel naar uit na het verblijf in de Home stay. Alleen de regen gooide roet in het eten. Volgens Jorn had het de hele nacht hard geregend, hij had namelijk geen oog dicht gedaan. Terwijl Jeanine door alle onweer heen geslapen is. Meestal is dit andersom. ;-) Na het ontbijt waagden we ons toch door de regen, als ons echte Nederlanders betaamd. Onze gids kreeg nog snel een plastic zijl mee om onder te lopen, want hij had geen regenkleding mee. Hij zei immers aan het begin van de trekking 'het regent nooit in oktober'. Nu dus wel.. De orkaan in India heeft het weer hier ook omgegooid. Het bleef ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Langtang October 13th 2014

Jaaa! Vandaag eindelijk begonnen met onze trekking! Eerst twee uur flink steil omhoog, dat ging natuurlijk nog niet helemaal soepel. Na de klim konden we even opkrachten komen met lekker bakje thee. Samen met ons klom ook een zwitsers echtpaar omhoog, echt super toffe mensen. (Die we in het vervolg van de trekking nog vaker zijn tegengekomen) Hopelijk kunnen wij op die leeftijd ook nog zo soepel omhoog wandelen. Na de thee volgende een lange en mooie wandeling door afwisselend landschap, vooral de gele korenbloem velden waren prachtig. Vermoeid en voldaan kwamen we aan in Gotlang. Een klein Tamang dorpje met alleen huisjes van steen met houten daken. Om goed de cultuur te kunnen beleven had onze gids een Homestay geregeld, om zo echt deel uit te maken van het leven in Gotlang. Klinkt natuurlijk super ... read more
nog een selfie

Asia » Nepal » Langtang March 3rd 2014

Hello faithful followers, This will be my second to last blog coming at you from Nepal, but I am actually flying out tomorrow, so the last one will come from Canada. Even though I already lived what it will say. It will be like Back to the Future, I promise! So for the last week-10 days of my time in Nepal, I wanted to make sure I checked off the pretty much biggest thing to do in this great country, which is trekking. Some people may not know this, but Nepal has a bunch of mountains, basically running it’s length, and they are somewhat scenic. Psst, I’m talking about the Himalayas! So most people hear Himalayas and think of summiting Everest. And then think of either death or insanity. Normally both, like an insane death perhaps. ... read more
View from Kyangin Ri, ‘second top’ 4773m
Kyangin Ri, ‘first top'
View from Kyangin Ri, ‘second top’ 4773mView from Kyangin Ri, ‘second top’ 4773m

Asia » Nepal » Langtang May 30th 2013

“Tamang heritage trek” in Nepal (2012.12.05 - 2012.12.09) Day1, When I hear from other hikers about this trek, I was very curious to go there. After a long curiosity one of my friends and I left for this trek. We caught the bus in Pasang lamu highway until get to Syabrubesi, which is same way to Langtang trek. Bus was full packed. We reached to Syabrubesi around 3 o’clock but decided to go further than that. Though local bus was heading to same direction, we took short – cut trail to there on foot. It was steep up through village. Luckily wedding ceremony was going on there. Men and women were dancing in the group together. I shot some pictures and rushed to catch my friend ahead. We kept climbing up wiping sweat. After climbing up ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Langtang April 18th 2013

April 18 - April 25th The Langtang Trek In a departure from my usual day by day trek blog I've condensed this entire trek to a summary style entry (It was taking me so long to get the story out). Anyway, I hope it is still enjoyable to read. There are still lots of photos- they're hard to cull down (145 for this blog post). So, without further ado..... *Trekking begins Trek 3 was a 9 day, 8 night trek in the Langtang region. We went with a new company for this one, Mega Adventures. This company was recommended to us by a guy called Mark from Ann Arbor, Michigan. We met Mark in Pakhding at the end of the EBC trek. He had walked in with Tendi (guide for Mega Adventures) and Tendi's clients- the ... read more
Room at Namaste, Syabaru Besi
View over Syabaru Besi
The Three Sisters

Asia » Nepal » Langtang December 18th 2012

After having finished with festivals - dashain, tihar and Gyanendra’s brother's wedding party finally we have some free time. So we decided to have some fresh air of Himalaya, avoiding all those hassel and bassel of Kathmandu valley. Since long time Goshain Kunda has become an attraction trekking trail for us. December is off season for trekking. It is winter time and most of time snowing in the mountain and temperature decline till -20 degree. There were very few trekkers so we had ample of choice for the room. We had 6 days trekking that begin from Dhunche to Goshain Kunda. 12 december: Today we had to wake up early at 5 am but could not do so, as our alarm did not work. Taxi driver was already waiting for us in front of our house. ... read more
Sunset at Singh Gumpa
Horse riding
Gyanendra being brave

Asia » Nepal » Langtang April 3rd 2012

Day 8 Up to Thulo Syaphru Today begins the next leg of our trek enroute to the very holy Gosinkund Lakes, again at 4600 metres. Unfortunately we must continue down the river valley through the morning before we meet the trail up the other side of the valley. We drop to 1700 metres which means a combined climb of 2900 metres over tbe 2 and a half days. Treks are measured in elevation up and down rather than distance as there is so much climbing and descending and switchbacks that distance is meaningless. All we know is we walk 6 to 8 hours a day up and down and are alwys exhausted at the end of the day. We stopped at a guesthouse called Rockslide for lunch. One of the groups of trekkers passing heading up ... read more
Suspension Bridge
Local child
Leaving Thulu Syaphbo in the morning

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