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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu May 12th 2001

Now I'm really about to babble... Today I went to the offices of Volunteer Nepal. Basically it's a 4 floor home and they rent out the bottom floor. The other girls I met (we met by chance at a restaurant) warned me that I should continue to stay at the hotel (the hotel is only $2.50 a night). I thought I would give the office a shot anyway. I'm glad I went because I really saw some Nepalese culture. The "office" is about 7 miles from the city. I was literally the only non-Nepali person in the area. For some reason, I loved how that felt. There is a family who lives in the office and they insisted that I eat lunch right away. I had to take off my shoes and sit on a ... read more
at the office

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu May 10th 2001

Talk about sensory overload! I finally arrived to Kathmandu. Seeing as the furthest I've been from the states is Mexico, this is quite a different experience. The mountains are beautiful and the city is organized chaos. The waste management system is pretty much non-existent, so the city isn't the cleanest. It's strange...this place is so far from Western civilization, yet Eminem is blaring in the streets. The children are so beautiful and the women wear saris that are all unique. Old women squat on the side of the street and drink what looks like dirty water out of bowls. I'm staying in a hotel for the first 2 nights while the other volunteers have orientation for teaching English, or at least that's what the person who picked me up at the airport told me. He ... read more
Thamal area
guy doing Tai Chi in the mountains
Bodnath stupa

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu February 27th 2001

5:30 a.m. and I'm packed for a few weeks of trekking around Nepal. Thomas and Marina seemed nice enough to follow, they've also been here before. My tired body said, "Stay in Gangtok, don't get on a 14-hour overnight bus." But my head said, "Don't be the only damper in the group on what might be a good time!" Mike really, really, really wanted to do this (he even used puppy dog eyes) and after the Germans did their best to convince me, I decided to maintain my good nature and sense of humor and go for it. Well, Kathmandu is cozier than I thought a big capital city would be and the amount of REALLY GOOD FOOD is staggering! Cheap drinks, cakes, steaks, burgers. We found a great clean little place called the Red Rose. ... read more
Fresh and ambitious
Mike with Buddha statue, Kathmandu

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square April 27th 2000

This is one of those assignments that I didn't look for. Rather, this assignment found me. It came at a time when I was seriously mulling over quitting my job, just like I did about 2 years before. Well, as I said, it has been brewing for the last 2 years. Back then, the company sent me to Tokyo for a 2 week "business" assignment. And now this. Free Trip to Kathmandu: Why Not? Soon, I realized no one in the company wanted this trip. Much inclined to urban settings, they would rather grab assignments that would bring them to America or Europe, rather than to Nepal. That is not exactly my take though. I mean, Kathmandu has always fascinated me especially since the advent of the hippie cult. I am certainly no hippie, but somewhow ... read more
Away from the Monkeys I go
Like from an old movie set?
Durbar Square

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 14th 1997

Hey everyone, So Kathmandu is nothing like I expected. I thought it was cold and there was nothing to do but trek, but it's amazing! In Kathmandu it goes up to about 25 C (that's about high 70s for you non-metric people) in the day. There's white water rafting (we're going on a 6 day trip soon), elephant safaris, cool villages and markets. Also trekking. I could spend months here. We seem to be giving the impression that all we do is drink. Some of you may be wondering why we just didn't stay home and do a round-the-world tour at Milwaukee's (that's a bar in Toronto that has about 150 beers from around the world). So in this message we won't mention beer anymore. Later today we're going to a slide presentation from one of ... read more

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