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September 14th 2014
Published: September 14th 2014
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First day - arrived at Kathmandu airport and had to wait so long to get a visa, I've seen people grow beards in less time than I was in that queue!
End up getting pretty Much forced to take a taxi, which I've now realised I got majorly ripped off for!, the taxi the took me to red planet hostel, again getting a room there was a decision I was essentially forced into. but never mind, the rooms alright, aside from the overwhelming smell of damp, the sound of people pissing outside my window, the sound of next doors Nepali constituency fucking till all hours, the no hot water and questionable bed sheets. I went out for a wonder, got severely lost, to the point I thought I wasn't going to get back to the hostel. Kathmandu is crazy!
2 - went down to durbar sq, rs750 entry fee and it got it extended for the day after. I had a wander around, not that spectacular to be fair, there's a lot of what looks like the same building, and a palace with a museum. The museum had a few cool things in it, but the whole thing was dedicated to one king, who died in 2011, my dad is actually older than most of the things in the museum! So aside from a few outfits and photos there wasn't really much there.
Freak st next, just off durbar sq, I was really looking forward to this as it's where all the hippies in the 60s stayed, sitting around smoking hash in the shops and bars. It didn't disappoint, your standard bong shops, selling chillums and papers and the like, some decent little clothes shops and bars. Went into one bar, fleetwood mac, the beatles etc records all over the walls, blasting out all the classics....Rihanna, one direction and all that other bollocks...I have no idea.
On the way back to the hostel I was mislead to a brothel, under the impression this guy was showing me his shop....well I suppose it's kind of a shop, rs1200 for 1 hour with massage....cheap, but no thanks. Si thi marra.
3- durbar square again (constantly getting asked if I want a guide "no mate, I don't need you to tell me a building is a temple and it's old as fuck for $40"
Went out to "sam's bar" hoping it wouldn't be anything like it's namesake in Horwich. Turns out i was in luck, cool as fuck bar, hendrix, the beatles, jim Morrison etc posters on the wall and blasting out "the black keys" sick. Finally decided to approach a group and attempt to make friends. It worked, 2 Aussie girls, 1 American bird and 2 American guys. All been out here working for a local NGO. End up leaving Sam's bar and heading to "Buddha bar", now I'm not sure on this, but I don't think Buddhists drink, so for there to be a bar called "Buddha bar"?....I don't know. Anyway, Buddha bar's a kind of night club/shisha bar, with cushions and shit everywhere. Comes to the end of the night, and the American bird, who's got massive cans, has been dancing with some Kanye west look alike fuck! Who struts over and pays for our drinks! Fuck yes, that's one of the reason I love boobies!
4 - pahtan, they really should tell you how average everything is in the guide book, literally no different to durbar square in Kathmandu, apart from it being quieter. Really should have been recommended above Kathmandu durbar square. Some cool temples.
After pahtan I went to the "monkey temple" in swayyayaya (or however the fuck you spell it) really cool place! Definitely the best tourist thing I've seen so far, and at a bargain rs200! Walked down the steps at the front thinking there must be something down there, only to find out the only fucking thing down there was the fucking walk back up! Got back to the top and I was actually questioning my ability to breathe! Maybe I should stay away from Everest for now. A taxi to the top is definitely the way forward.
5 - went over to bodnath to the see the worlds biggest stupa (Buddhist temple), decent, worth visiting, although nothing I haven't already seen, only bigger. Spent my Dailey food budget on one meal, not realising it was expensive and then being too pussy to walk back out.
Walking around a side street and a woman appears begging, as they do, this ones holding a baby and telling me she's got no food for it, one of the hardest things to just ignore her, but you give to one, you give to everyone, sometimes you've just got to be a cunt.
Get back to the hostel intending to go out an watch the match, sat in hostel reception using the wifi and get invited for a smoke with some Aussie lads from the hotel, end up chilling with them all night, funny guys. They'd been on a night out the other day and on the way back found a woman stuck upside down in the drains pissed as fuck! Haha, apparently the hole was like no bigger than a bin you'd have in your bedroom.
The guy the Aussies were staying with, some retired dude from wales who lived in India, like a proper 70s punk guy.

On the whole I'm quite glad to be leaving Kathmandu and the fucking red planet guest house with it's damp black moldy walls!, pretty bored of it by now and sick of everyone trying to make money off you at every point!
Kathmandu's pretty cool overall though, cool bars and shit, I definitely think I'll return at some point in the future.

To Chitwan! And elephant rides!


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