Trek Day 3: "She Made Power from Her Weaknesses" // Travelling with Men

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April 24th 2015
Published: June 6th 2016
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Woke up at 4:00am to a roaster lol. But I threw up a bit 😞 I will probably be fine tonight though. On the trek today I saw a pretty waterfall, it was thin and gracefully fell into the river. I do not even know why I am writing this because it can't do justice to this magnificent place. I also crossed this badass dangerous rock and made it out alive. We stopped in a shop on the way here because I am feeling sick so Thankur gave me stomach meds. I am travelling with two men so knowing me I will not be the first one to admit when I am feeling weak. This will be the worst day of my trip hopefully because I got to a point where I could not even stand, probably because I did not hold down any of the food I ate this morning so I am essentially hiking without nutrients or energy. Ugh I gave into my ride and accepted Thankur's offer to carry my bag for the last hour and a half and of course Pat is pointing out how he is not a Shirpa and maybe I should tip him bla bla bla, so condescending. Ugh men, especially British ones. He is also saying how the Brits gave Canada a chance and we ruined their culture and that my English is subpar and weird.

Plateaus and down hill are fine but uphill makes my tummy hurt so bad. It is not after lunch and I had veggie spaghetti and lemon tea. I feel strong, the rest did me well, we are now leaving Lapubsi for 2 more hours of hiking. Thakur's water bottle fell down the cliff while he was carrying my bag, Pat is stressing and mansplained to me why I should by him a new one because apparently I can't figure that out for myself. Ugh this is not helping my mindset hopefully the rest of this trek wont be so crappy.

We have arrived at Machhakhola , the 2nd half of the day went really well for me. I am just worried about the rest of the trip, today was definitely a low point for me. I thought about quitting and wondered why I pushed myself so hard, I could have joined an easier and shorter trek. Today when Thankur and Pat were ahead of me some local touched my ass and I was going to say something but thought it would be best not to since he could just push me off a cliff and no one would know and 2 other times different men checked me out and made comments but that did not happen when I was with my fellow male hikers. Maybe I am doing this because as a woman I must prove I am just as strong? Who knows, all I know is that tomorrow is another day and I am determined to make it. In the meantime I want to message my best friend Lori and the person I like so much back home because they will make me feel better.


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