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April 25th 2015
Published: June 6th 2016
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This morning I ate a samosa and some muslix with apple it was all so fresh and delicious! The most I ate in a while. I held my own for the past 2.5 hours. We stopped at a town with a hot spring then will continue for an hour for lunch. I saw some monkeys chilling on a rock today and some sacred cows grazing on grass. Bought Tankur a new water bottle since he dropped his carrying my stuff. I have a pain in my chest but it only hurts a little, hopefully it is muscle and not my lungs. overall my spirits ar hight today.

Made it to lunch! Took us 4 hours like Thankur said it would. Pat made a comment about me picking up the pace but as long as we do it in the designated average time I am more than happy 😊. He's not that bad we played 2 truths 1 lie and guess that....


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