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November 17th 2005
Published: November 29th 2005
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During the election week the office was closed, and we were encouraged to get out of Galle. We were lucky enough to head to the Maldives for a few days with one of Murrays workmates. We stayed on Giravaru Island, a very beautiful island, small enough to walk around in 10 minutes. 5 steps from our door was the beautifully clear inviting ocean. We enjoyed snorkeling with many beautiful fish, and the boys even swam with some turtles. All in all, a very relaxing and enjoyable time (despite the occasional rain).

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We visited the main Island Male. The Maldives is a Muslim Nation, this is the main Mosque.
Male Fish Market.Male Fish Market.
Male Fish Market.

Very organised. The fish are displayed on a tiled floor, and they have a few workers who are permanently filleting fish. Very impressed.
A Moray Eel.A Moray Eel.
A Moray Eel.

They look pretty scary, but are very passive.
This is the catch.This is the catch.
This is the catch.

Unfortunately the little red fish in the left hand corner is mine (Miriam). Sorry NZ Fisheries Officers! I begged them to let the fish go. Explaining it was far too small. But they just smiled and nodded, and put it into the container we were taking back to the island. Sorry :(
New Friends.New Friends.
New Friends.

We meet a lovely Dutch couple and a Russian guy who we spent most of our time with. Snorkelling and playing pool, not much else to do on the island.
Proof Miriam went snorkeling.Proof Miriam went snorkeling.
Proof Miriam went snorkeling.

(And actually enjoyed it!! Shhh, don’t tell Murray)
Murray at the airport.Murray at the airport.
Murray at the airport.

Not very often you have such a beautiful setting for an airport.

29th November 2005

From LA
Hey Miriam, that looks so lovely!! Congratulations on your wedding anniversairy! Am having fun here, will update soon, and still can't wait to see you in Jan!
29th November 2005

Sitting in my Office
I can see the Sky Tower from my office... so I am almost having as much fun as you guys! And Murray put your shirt on - not a good look! Make sure you slip slop and slap!
30th November 2005

Its a totally different world isn't it!! You guys look like you are having an amazing time and thanks for all the updates!!! CONGRATULATIONS on the first year of marriage as well .. .man time flies doesn't it! Keep updating the site! God Bless ya
30th November 2005

1 year already!!!!!!!
Time flys when your busy travelling the world huh!! Looks like you were in paradise. I second the comment on the topless photo of Murray (perhaps keep it for the private collection, we don't need to see!!). Your both lookin well and sounds like life is good. Congrats on the 1st of many years!!! Take Care
4th December 2005

Now you are just trying to make us jealous
You guys are having way too much fun. Isn't helping the relief effort meant to he hard work, dedication, long hours, no rewards, intolerable conditons, flies, dirt, pain, heat etc. I don't recall the bit about white sand, beautiful beaches, crystal clear seas etc.

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