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November 10th 2005
Published: November 25th 2005
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Unawatuna Beach Front Resort.Unawatuna Beach Front Resort.Unawatuna Beach Front Resort.

A Tsunami hotel/restaurant that has already been rebuilt (note the waves lapping on the doorstep!)
We have spent the last month living in a hotel in Unawatuna, just out of Galle City. The Tsunami damaged many of the beach front hotels, but they have been quickly rebuilt, and in many cases the water laps around the door step at high tide. The tourist industry is slowly picking up again, as people come to enjoy surfing, snorkeling/diving over the coral reefs, or lounging on the beach. On the weekends we have had the opportunity to soak up some sun and enjoy this beautiful environment. We have been told that we now have the “Galle look”, which is apparently a tan.

We have now shifted into a house in Galle Fort, which is within a few minutes walking distance of Murrays office. Galle Fort is a 16th centuary Dutch Fort, complete with walls, ramparts and gates. Inside the fort there is a maze of narrow streets and many of the buildings have been restored in Dutch architectural style together with antique furniture. The walls vary in depth, and in one place it is wide enough for the soccer team to practice.

We have found an AOG English speaking church, which meets on a Thursday night. To

Hanging out with an Aussie friend at the beach (Does one of these loungers have your name on it?? If so, contact us :))
our surprise the pastor is a huge All Blacks Fan, and often knows when the next game is before we do.

We have enjoyed meeting lots of new people, local and from many different countries. After locals distinguish that we are not English, and not Australian they soon rattle off some Black Caps players, and then say New Zealand Anchor Milk and Butter, and we proudly nod. It is strange how similar we Kiwis are to Australians though, funny how this realisation comes while abroad  Miriam is even toying with the idea of calling herself an Aussie. To say “I am from New Zealand” is pronounced “Mama Navaseelantha jathikayo vemi” in Sinhala, but to say your Australian is “Mama Australiyanu vemi”. Much easier!!

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Swimming & snorkeling with some friends from the office.
Postcard material.Postcard material.
Postcard material.

One of the beaches near Galle.
Tourist Activity.Tourist Activity.
Tourist Activity.

Boat trip to a temple and a cinnamon/spice island. Worth a miss.
The Famous Elephant story.The Famous Elephant story.
The Famous Elephant story.

We hired a car with 2 other families to go on an Elephant ride. Miriam was particularly excited about seeing an elephant. So after a couple of hours driving we come to this sign in the picture. We go in and ask if we can go for an elephant ride. The man looks sad and then explains that the elephant died 3 weeks ago. We were trying really hard not to laugh. So we decided to have a ride on the elephant statue that they still had at the gate, seeing as we had devoted the day to it.
The Walls.The Walls.
The Walls.

Can you see the soccer team practicing?
Fort WallsFort Walls
Fort Walls

You can walk around the walls (Just so you remember what we look like)
The walls protected the fort from the Tsunami.The walls protected the fort from the Tsunami.
The walls protected the fort from the Tsunami.

The wave was 5 metres high, so the walls protected the houses. Some houses were flooded, as water came through the gates (also bringing boats into the fort, some which are still there).
Welcome to our new home.Welcome to our new home.
Welcome to our new home.

If you would like our home address please contact us or our parents.
The toilet.The toilet.
The toilet.

This picture is especially for Raylene from Miriams work!!! Just for you, note the tap on the left (no coke bottle necessary!!) And for Miriams Dad who wasn’t sure if he would visit, who has already booked his flight. Sorry Dad!! Only joking, we have 3 NZ standard flush toilets!! Visitors welcome :)

25th November 2005

Wow you 2 get around !
Simon and I just caught up with your site and are wowed by what you've seen since you left. Married quarters in Galle sure look nice Beats sleeping on the train huh
25th November 2005

reserving one lounger
i definately made out my name on one of those loungers!
25th November 2005

So do you work!?! Looks VERY holiday like!
26th November 2005

i totaly cant believe that our Miriam is doing all these exotic things. how brave you both are! looking at your house pictures i was totaly envious but that toilet.. i m just not sure that you are telling the truth about having normal ones as well! good on you both. what an adventure!
28th November 2005

Murray in a non-black shirt!!! And a pacific looking one at that!!! Wow - what an adventurous pair you are! ;) Looks like you're at the settling in stage and the work is about to begin...right? Right????!?!?!?!
28th November 2005

Christmas Coming
We've got the Christmas rush and you've got sun loungers and elephant rides - somehow I think you guys have got the best deal here!! - God bless
28th November 2005

Long Drop
I have a feeling the coke can would be more useful, i'm trying to work out how you would use that tap if no toliet paper was provided....the angles are all wrong...good luck if you get a dodgy tummy :)

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