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March 1st 2012
Published: March 12th 2012
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My passport is back from Brazil with Pakistan visa, now just waiting for a better weather in Xinjiang, my plan is to restart my journey after March 15th, maybe 20th depending on the weather.
So now I am going to Malaysia and Philippines for 10 days with my wife. Our goal was only Boracay of Philippines, but the air tickets was really cheap, so we decided to stop in Kuala Lumpur for couple days.
Malaysia is a Islamic country, but with a strong religion and ethnic mix, there are a lot of Chinese and Indian, you can see Bhudism and Hinduism beside the Islamism there, because of that cultural mix, the Malaysian language skill is also very strong, for a example, the Malaysian guys, Chris and Weng, who I met in Laos, they are Malaysian Chinese, and they learned Chinese, Malay and English from school, that is a very nice environment to grew up, at least for the language skill.
Kuala Lumpur is a big city, but there no such places to visit. The great shopping centers to see how is the life style of them, a lot of Islamic woman covering their hair and face, I am starting to be
The eyeThe eyeThe eye

A Islamic woman buying the cosmetics
used to that, I will head to Middle East later.
The famous Petronas Twin Towers, a very impressed and beautiful building, sponsored by Petronas oil company, Malaysia is one of main petroleum producers, and the gas there is the cheapest one I have ever seen, around 80 cents of US dollar.
Merdeka square is the old part of Kuala Lumpur, the place where they raised the Malaysian national flag by first time, also the place where they declared independence of Malaysia; around there, a ancient British buildings, the famous Islamic mosque Masjid Jamek and some nice museum to visit.
Batu caves is a main place for Hinduism, about 13km from Kuala Lumpur center, you can take a city train to get there, very easy and cheap as well; That place remembered me of India, the Hindu Gods, musics, people and ceremony, somehow I missed India, that country was really intense, even those bad things happened to me, I still feel India a country worth to visit for sure.
The stay in Kuala Lumpur was short, only 3 and half days, but that was enough to enjoy the city without hurry, and now we are heading to Philippines, our main goal of this trip.

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Merdeka squareMerdeka square
Merdeka square

a model of Merdeka square
waiting roomwaiting room
waiting room

In Malaysian national museum
Night viewNight view
Night view

From Jalan Alor
Batu cavesBatu caves
Batu caves

A place of Hinduism in Kuala Lumpur
The lightThe light
The light

Inside the Batu cave
a Hindu womana Hindu woman
a Hindu woman

Inside the Batu cave

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