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February 6th 2012
Published: March 4th 2012
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A breaking time of my trip to recover my health from malaria, my plan was crossing Himalaya from Nepal to Tibet, but my health condition didn't allow me to do that route, the weather was getting colder in north hemisphere, so I came to south of China to be with family in Chinese new year, and waiting for a warmer weather to restart my journey, because I will go to Pakistan from Xinjiang, and the temperature in Xinjiang will be positive only in March.
To get Pakistan visa was another big problem, I tried to apply in Nepal, but the Pakistan embassy staff said the visa will take more than month, maybe 1, 2 or 3 months. When I was in south of China, I called to Pakistan embassy in Hong Kong, they only give the visa to Hong Kong resident. In Shanghai they asked for one month to grant the visa. So I sent my passport back to Brazil with a friend, and they asked for only 5 working days in Brazil. Somehow Pakistan put a rule that is much easier to get visa from your own country.
Now waiting for the better weather and Pakistan visa, I started to make some trips in China, this time we went to Harbin in the beginning of February, pretty cold there, almost 30 degrees negative, to see the ice lanterns and to travel with family. It is not my first time in Harbin, so I already saw the ice lanterns before, and my goal was to visit the Bacteria War Museum, to ski again and to get a hot spring in the middle of snow.
Bacteria War Museum is a old building occupied by Japanese army during World War II, that was mainly used to make bio-weapon research and experience, a lot of information, including documents, pictures and videos, very interesting but less impressive than Nanjing Massacre Museum.
We didn't go to ski station, my mother-in-law hurt her leg when we were in ice lanterns festival, so everything need to slow down, and a sport activity will be impossible for that situation, but a hot spring will fit in like a glove, indeed that was one of best things in our trip, water temperature was 40 degrees positive and outside temperature was around 25 degrees negative, that was really cool!
This was a little trip of my breaking time, no big story,

that was first snowing in Harbin since the beginning of winter, the weather was some of strange
no adventure, just a family trip to be with family, specially my dear mom, she is fighting a lot against her will to let me go to my big journey, being closer to her is all I could do for her in my breaking time.

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Russian restaurantRussian restaurant
Russian restaurant

There is a lot of Russian influence in Harbin
731 museum731 museum
731 museum

731 was the number of Japanese army in that place, the place also called by old building of 731
Inside of buildingInside of building
Inside of building

Every room has information about bacteria weapon
Snow sculptureSnow sculpture
Snow sculpture

There are a lot of ice and snow sculpture on the street, and this one was hot
Saint Sophie churchSaint Sophie church
Saint Sophie church

This is a Russian style church, and night was very beautiful, but taking picture wasn't easy because of low temperature

6th March 2012

Soda water
Hi Way, I recommend you to drink a lot of tonic water, it has quinine. Quinine, until 1940, was used as a Malaria medicine. I donĀ“t know how effective this is, but for me and my brother worked very well on the road, we did not get malaria in the whole trip. Get better soon so you can tell us more stories! All the best, Tiazinha
10th March 2012

Thanks by the tip, I will drink more for sure, after getting Malaria, I am a little worry about Africa.
12th March 2012
Ice world

Great picture.
15th March 2012
Ice world

Hello there!
Thanks Chris and Nikki by the comment! I saw your blog, you are a incredible couple, congratulation!! Where are you living now?
16th March 2012
Ice world

Thank you for the compliment, we live in London, England. If you ever visit let us know, it's always fun to meet other travel bloggers.
19th March 2012
Ice world

Thanks by the invitation, I will visit London someday, then I will let you know. Now I have no home yet, only after my trip, maybe we can meet up on the road, who knows? Cheers!

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