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April 1st 2006
Published: April 1st 2006
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OK, I know you’re probably getting sick of me by now…bloging every other day…but I am feeling a little homesick at the moment and have about 5 hours to kill in the Kuala Lumpur airport here in Malaysia. I am on my way to Australia and it’s going to be a long journey.
I arrived in Malaysia a bit ago, and it’s really nasty outside. Big black clouds in the sky that look ready to burst. It’s dark even though it’s the middle of the day. This sounds depressing, but it’s actually really comforting. I didn’t realize until now how much I have missed winter this year. It’s pretty much been hot and humid everywhere I have been…and even those places where it did rain, it never felt like winter. So anyway, I went and did something I haven’t done in over 3 years…I walked into Starbucks and ordered a Veinte Carmel Macchiato. I don’t know what made me do it…but something about the weather, being a little homesick, and just wanting to feel like I was at home. Sitting here drinking this coffee, looking out the window at the dark sky I can almost pretend I am at home. I can picture Marie all bundled up in her winter clothes running through the rain with her latte in her hand, I can picture Greg with his overcoat and OJ gloves on, I can pretend Tiffany is giving us the run down on next weeks marketing events…and I can picture Susan walking into our workshop a little late talking about the wreck she was almost in with her steaming coffee in her hand…Kevin thinking the more coffee he drinks the less red his eyes will be…Nate smoking a cig with his first cup in the morning…Mom walking back from the Pannican while Rudy barks at everything that moves.
It’s a good feeling, sitting here knowing that I have all these people back home…friends, family…
Anyway, just thought I’d tell you all I miss you, even though I’ll probably forget all about this crap once I get to the beaches of east coast Oz! Just kidding…kinda! ;-)

Talk to you soon,


3rd April 2006

Love your journals
Hi Kevin, I hope you remember me. Danny forwarded me about 5 of your journals. Then I was able to go ahead and read about 3 more that were attached. I could only get thru April 1st. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed them. I love history and I was very into them. Hope to see you soon. Kellie
3rd April 2006

I really enjoy reading your adventures and it does'nt surprise me that I'am reading your adventures. Thanks to Dad for the step up to STOP DRINKING so you can remember more plus you can always get drunk you can't always travel the world @#$%er!!! Guess who??? Oh and by the way you will be home before you know it just have fun be safe and know that everyone will be here when you return ( this could be good or bad)
4th April 2006

Hey, my eyes are always red!
hahahahah!!!! My eyes feel like they are bleeding today too! some things never change

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