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July 3rd 2007
Published: July 3rd 2007
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Hi its Gabi (Dani's daughter),
So we all went on the bus to go to different places in KL. First we got off at the National Museum, we got there and we found it was a very small place (uh oh). We all got frustrated because none of the receptionists could talk English! After we wondered around there we went down the path and saw there were more people goin in this particular building. We were on our way when Jayson and I found an ancient Malay house. First of all we went and took some photos of me and Jayson next to it. Inside there was a bridal chamber (it looked like there had just been a wedding)! There were alot of different fruits in there. Next we went down the path (at this point it felt like goin down the yellow brick road). We got to the mysterious building and we found that this was the main museum so we asked the receptonist (this one could speak English) if there was a tour a 10 oclock and luckily there was. We went on the tour for about half an hour and then we needed to catch the bus so we said to the tour guide that we had to go and get the bus to go to the butterfly park (butterflies in Malay is rama-rama). We went to get the bus but it wasnt there so we waited for about half an hour and then we got in the bus and got off at the butterfly park. We arrived at the park and I wanted to take loads of pictures of the butterflies but some of the time I kind of jigged the camera cause i was afraid of the butterflies (he he he). At first I wasnt too afraid but then Jayson jigged around and gave me the impression that the butterflies bit you AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! We found some beautiful butterflies as you can see! We went into the end shop and got an ice lolly from there they where so nice! Then we got back on the bus and went to the Petrona Towers. From an angle they looked different hights but they where actually the same. We were all hungry at this point so we went in and found a pizza place where we all shared a pizza and a spag bol. After we had a chocolate fudge brownie cake for dessert, my judu would have loved it ( judu is grandad in Arabic). After we went to a public water place and then we took some photos of us. Here we are:

Then we went to a hindu temple we found it intresting for all the gods were on the walls and there were alot of gods!!!! Well thats the end of todays hope you enjoy our next one BYE.


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4th July 2007

next entry
It looks very intreting where you have been already, i look forward to reading the next entry.
4th July 2007

keep it up
great stuff, keep it up !

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