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April 28th 2018
Published: April 28th 2018
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Day 8

Today is the day we wemt to Sunway Lagoon.

First we had to quickly move hotels. Booking what we thought was a hotel room through for The Grand Suites Ramada Bukit Bintang, the room was actually a homestay, which is kind of like an air BnB. All of the Airbnb we have stayed at have been private residences within a hotel complex. They let us check in at 930 so we could go to Sunway Lagoon and have our bags in the room. The room was nice with a balcony and an infinity pool on the 9th floor.

40 minutes later we arrived at the amusement park. Not knowing where to start first, after dropping our stuff into a locker we decided to start with the scream attraction that our beautiful and very talented friend works on. The sets and effects were fantastic and we felt like we were in a scene of a movie; we walked through zombies and we part of a Ghostbusters scene. Unfortunately we were at the back so watched the people in front of us get scared as characters jumped out at them, so if you go stay at the front. We did laugh at the people in front of us who were scared and one poor little girl who was literally screaming in fear (does that make us bad people?)

Wanting to see the white tigers getting fed we headed over to a crowd of people to see a 5 month old white tiger cub a metre in front of us. He was playful with his trainers although we weren't allowed to touch him (I did ask, telling them I didn't care if he playfully bit me, sadly they said no).

The wildlife park was set up well with big enclosures for the animals and they all looked well looked after. We did an hour tour during feeding time for the White Tigers, White (or Blonde) Lions, Sunbears, Black Panthers and an assortment of smaller animals and birds including Flamingo's which I was very excited about. A quick spinning ride on the Apache Pots before lunch, because after may not have worked out too well.

As it was after past lunch we got some sort of a wrap which looked nothing like the picture, but tagged good.

With our bellies full we changed into our bathers and chose an easy 5 D ride that splashed water on you. As it was really warm the splashes of cool water was refreshing.

The park map was a little confusing and the rides not well described as to what they did. It took a bit of convincing to get Kym on the first waterslide. Star declined, happy to film us. We moved on to another slide before heading to have more of a look around. There were 2 wave pools and we waded in one while a fire dancing show was on.

Checking out the bigger wave pool, I tried body surfing, unsuccessfully, looking more like a fish dying in the water while Kym filmed.

We didn't have our phones to take many pictures but Kym had his waterproof video camera so I'm sure there will be lots of pictures of the both of us making some silly faces when the water got us on some of the rides.

I wanted to try pretty much everything I could. Kym wasn't as adventurous so I did go on a few of the scarier looking rides on my own. My two favourites; first- Monsoon 360 which is a waterside that drops you pretty much vertically for about 5 metres before shooting you out in what felt like less than 10 seconds. I'll admit half way up I was contemplating why I was doing this but as there was no line I had no time to overthink it. As I dropped a rush of adrenaline hour and I felt exhilarated. Really wish I did it again though.

The other ride was the Vuvuzela, it was a raft with 4 to 6 people on and after a mammoth climb (I'm so over stairs) I had to wait for more people to join me. 3 people from Sri Lanka and myself journeyed down a wide waterline going unquote fast into what could only be described as a funnel vortex. I was backwards so had no idea what was ahead and it added to the excitement.

A few more water rides (And more stairs!) and it was nearly closing time. We were all utterly exhausted, I had gone on 12 rides and spent time in the splash and wave pools plus toured the wildlife park. On the day we chose, Sunway Lagoon wasn't very busy, we were so lucky for the whole day not needing to line up more than five minutes for any ride we wanted to go on.

Figuring it would take a while to get a Grab with so many people also wanting one we made our way to Sunway Pyramid, checking out the ice rink inside but not keen to try with our feet feeling so sore.

We grabbed a Thai green curry from Thai Thai for dinner, really nice and eventually got our Grab back to the apartment.

Wanting to check out the infinity pool I discovered the infinity spa and the jets massaged my sore back and feet.

Great day! Sleep is imminent and welcomed.

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