All bad things must come to an end

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November 5th 2006
Published: November 5th 2006
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WARNING! The following blog is not going to be pleasant in nature. I am grumpy, and am going to tell you why right now.

My ears hurt something bad, and there's so much shit coming out of the left one that my shirt is crusty and stained. And now that I know it is pus and not merely water coming out, I find it utterly disgusting.

It's 11:30 at night, and I have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning for a transfer back to Kuala Lumpar international airport. Yes, that's right, KL. Not Bangkok.

Which leads me to the main reason I am so grumpy right now. I am in fucking KL and not Bangkok. My flight from KK to BKK was cancelled. The best the airline could do was fly us all to KL then an early morning flight to BKK. Fine, whatever. I miss the first day of my tour. I can handle that. But what a fucking gong show at the airport. They knew about the cancellation hours in advance, but when I get into KL they are still arranging transportation and accomodation. Had to sit at KL airport for 2 freaking hours waiting for a van to come pick us up to take us to the hotel. And it was a white knuckle drive the whole way. I swear, ALL mini-van drivers in Malaysia have a death wish for themselves and their passengers. Haven't been in one yet where I didn't cringe at least 5 times.

AND...I am not even really in KL, so I can't even go get a look at the towers, which might have made this whole mess slightly worthwhile.

AND...these computers are fucking slow. At least it's free.

Some positives?

The hotel is beautiful. Swimming pool and hot tub and gym, none of which I will have time to enjoy.

I don't know what else, actually. If I think of anything else, I will let you know.

I did have a great day up until the cancellation though. After I enjoyed the Sunday market I went for a walk along the waterfront past the water taxi station. On the spur of the moment I decided to hire one for a ride to the Kampung Air (water village). I spent the same amount of money for a 40 min ride as I did for 3 meals and accomodation at Uncle Chan's on Mabul, but it was worth it.

My boat driver took me for a tour through the villages. It was really neat. All the people came rushing from there houses to great me as we drove through the water. The kids jumped off of docks to swim to the boat. These villages are something else. Imagine a small town, but on stilt houses. Schools and stores and mosques...all on the floating village. The driver of the boat said 99% if them were filipino, and fished for a living. Then the driver took me to his school, a beautiful new sprawling structure, of course all on the water. He showed me his classroom, and the offices and staff room. The school even had a prayer room. It was by and large the nicest structure out there. Will download pic later. Too tired right now.

Have to be up in 4 hours, and need a shower to get rid of all this running down the side of my face from the ear pus (that's so gross).

Hopefully I reall will be in Bangkok next time I write.


5th November 2006

Sorry about your ear
God yes your worse fear having to see a dr. But sounds like the dr was ok. Too bad yours ears are bad. I hope you are better soon. Love you lots.
5th November 2006

You're right....
All bad things must come to an end! And these bad things will also come to an end. As your Grandma used to say "This too shall pass". Can't you just hear her speaking to you right now from above. Speaking of Grandma, she would be so thrilled to be following you in your travels. I just know that this next leg of the race...oops you're not on amazing race!! your journey will be as wonderful as the first two weeks. You will see and hear and do so many things your brain will be overloaded. Hey just hink!! At least you're not in jail!! That's something to be thankful for. I love your smiling face.....Mom
5th November 2006

Wow..You Traveller you...
Hey Cathy, You go girl!! I'm so impressed with your jouneys thus far. How interesting to hear about life, good and bad, at your far out destinations. I received this blog from your mom, and read back at your previous blogs to get the whole picture. What a trip of a lifetime. I'm somewhat jealous, although I could do without the pussy ear juice flowing down my neck! I have subscribed so I will get an email each time you blog! I look forward to reading about your trip further. Take care of the ear eh!! Next stop...Bangkok!! Cynthia
6th November 2006

I am so sorry to hear of all the hooplaw. But you know'll be somthing to talk about when you get home. As mom said, at least your not in jail from those cute boys! I know you will have a great time in Thailand! Stay strong and keep smiling Laove you lots Laura
6th November 2006

Hey Cathy, I'm really enjoying your blogs, but I am sorry to hear about your ear troubles. Congrats on getting your open water certificate. I would love to do that and I tried to talk Jesse into it on our last trip, but he didn't want to. I'm thinking of you often, and I'm glad you are enjoying your trip so much (minus the pus). Travel safe-Jeannie
11th November 2006

Get over it ....
Seriously settle down Bowles.. How bad can the ear really be? until amputation is a neccesity I no longer want to hear about your disgusting drainage from your disgusting ear..Got it Get it Good Miss you a wee bit at work See you soon Sharon

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