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Published: July 25th 2013
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It is strange looking at my blog today, 348 days on the road. Wow, time has gone so quickly and as people keep reminding me, my life has changed considerably.

When I left the UK I was 28, single, full of wanderlust and many adventures ahead of me. Hard to believe that in a few weeks I'll be 30, married with a beautiful baby on the way.

My blog is slowly becoming a point of space and reflection for me, a far cry from the early days of a new city every few days.

There becomes a point in everyone's life, and your are fooling yourself if you disagree, where life become very mundane, you crave a new setting, a new adventure, a bit of 'spice' in your life. There is nothing wrong with that. Change is good, it opens your eyes, clears the soul and opens the door to new opportunities or rekindles your love for what you began to drift from.

The problem with familiarity is that you always play it safe. What's wrong with taking a risk once in a while? You begin to fear the unknown, walk in the shadow of others, what happened to just being you? I miss my family, for sure. There is not a day goes by where they are not in my thoughts some way or other. Or, at times like now, as I am sat writing this from my hospital bed (I'll explain that later) that you miss your loved ones more. Where no hug but there's is the one to heal the world.

I look back each day and appreciate all the opportunities I have had, something I often took for granted. The best upbringing a child could ask for, more love than I could ask for. The encouragement to set and achieve my own goals, follow my own dreams in life and to always look forward. And even at 30, they are still there doing exactly the same.

I am not saying that world travel is the option for everyone, each person has their own drive in life, you just have to find it.

Remember though, that you have to experience something new, step out of your comfort zone to see if what you have and where you are in life is where your true happiness lies. What can go wrong? There is always tomorrow.

You write your own book in life, you choose the number of pages, will your readers continue to be engaged until the end??

We still have plans to return to the UK, as a family, in the long term. For our child/ren to grow up with super grandparents around them, but for now, 2013, we intend to enjoy our time in Malaysia and all the experiences it brings.

My work permit is secured here and it gets renewed with the authorities every year, so perhaps by next summer there will not be a need to renew it? 2014 will bring a new year of new experiences I am sure and more change.

If I have learnt one thing about myself, it's that I am comfortable with change, adapt well and encourage myself to experience new things, not to settle for the ordinary. Living in KL is a culture change. Not as Asian as some countries and I am sure most people's perception of KL is this modern city, similar to that of Singapore. Part of you would be right, the city itself is. Tall skyscrapers, modern architecture, a booming tourism but get outside the city and they are still developing, it still has a rustic charm; street vendors on every corner cooking culinary delights that tantalise even the most reserved of taste buds.The colorful infusions of little India meeting china town.The elders of the communities playing cards in the alleyways. All a delight to see.Get away from the perfectly manicured city and see the real Malaysia. Where the mountains meet the city. A whole world of wonders to be explored.

The heat, a constant, takes a bit of getting used to, but funny at how quickly you fit in as a local and begin to spot the 'tourists'; wearing their shorts and summer tops, whilst me, comfortable in my jeans and a 3/4 sleeve top.

Yes, we do have a rainy season, but be warned, especially for the British, the heat is still there, there is no escaping it!

We have a little routine going, Monday to Friday. Take public transport to and from work, eat local lunch, often cook evening meals at home. Weekends though still bring us new places or walks in the park. New restaurants to try. And now with a little one on the way, we add in antenatal check ups..

2012/13 brought me love, 2013/14 is to bring new life, whatever could 2014/15 bring?

Wanderlust has brought me so much;

* A new found love for a little Spanish town, Villajoyosa

* Some quiet time in the mountainous region of Alhama de Murcia

* Being speechless in the Grand Canyon

* Sampling the craziness of Las Vegas and that awesome skydive

* Walking the freedom trail in Boston

* The beauty of Yosemite national park

* Hollywood

* the beauty of northern Thailand, far away from the reputation of khan San road

* my absolute love for Loas, the people, the untouched beauty of the country

* the moto craziness of Vietnam and sampling of highly unusual culinary delights there

* the sadness of Cambodia's evident past and the striking Angkor wat temple

* let's not forget all the amazing people and friends I met along the way, always an inspiration.

* Malaysia brought my husband present life and for that, a country I will always hold dear to my heart.


So, back to today. I am in a hospital in KL, waiting to be discharged after my second admission in less than a week. Sadly I contracted influenza type A, but am on the road to recovery. Me and the baby are doing fine and are being well looked after by both hospital staff and Maher.

My parents and family have been amazing, keeping my spirits high, I never once doubted they would always be there, through highs or lows and I know this baby is going to have the most loving grand parents in the world.

As future parents we have a lot to live up to but super role models

I aim to be back in the UK on a business trip in October, so a great opportunity to spend some well deserved time with the family and a bit of cold weather :-)

For now, as my 30th nears, subject to good health, we plan to take a few days away, maybe Kuantan or Port Dickson to celebrate my birthday. Let's get fully recovered 1st.

Love to all



27th July 2013

The axiom is the simpler, the better. Life is happier and clearer when reduced to its basics: a partner to share the ups and downs, an offspring or two to perpetuate one\'s memories, food on the table and roof over the head. Look To This Day Look to this day: For it is life, the very life of life. In its brief course Lie all the verities and realities of your existence. The bliss of growth, The glory of action, The splendour of achievement Are but experiences of time. For yesterday is but a dream And tomorrow is only a vision; And today well-lived, makes Yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this day; Such is the salutation to the ever-new dawn! Kalidasa (Sanskrit writer, 4th century CE) Congratulations on the coming stork, get well, keep fit...and happy birthday!

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