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Our flight out of Kuala Lumpur required us to be up at 3 Am to catch a taxi to the airport for our flight to Vietnam. As such, we elected to return to the hotel early and get a good nights sleep. We still had to pack our suitcases and our hotel room looked like a scene from " Hoarders". After walking all day in the heat we decided that we would pop into a small local shopping plaza just a couple blocks from our hotel and have a quick snack and a cold beer. What followed was admittedly our best night in KL! A tiny little bar called Cathy's Pub welcomed us and there was only 1 other patron in the bar and the proprietor/ bartender . I think the place only had about 15 ... read more

We'll, our last 2 days in KL went by pretty fast! We did a fair bit of wandering around had just a few more items to check off on our list of things to do and see. Among these were a visit to the National Museum, the National Mosque, and a walk through a very old Malaysian/ Indian section of town that included the British architecture of the old train station. Throughout our explorations there is always the fascination of food, it seems to be available everywhere! Whether on the street sidewalks or in one of the many Hawker Centers around the city. We have probably tried everything at this point and have identified our favourites by this point in our journey, so we decided to include some of the more interesting menu items and signs ... read more
Feet and noodle soup
Soup du jour
Boiled whole chicken

It's been a while since I posted on here but with that time of year coming around again, yes, Christmas, I felt it the ideal time to post. So I am almost 37 weeks pregnant now and this will be my second consecutive christmas away from the UK. Although its nice to have the sun and warm weather it doesn't quite feel the same without the cold and snow at this time of year. It's difficult to plan anything at the moment as out little one could arrive anytime, literally. We will either get an early christmas present or a new year surprise. Either way we are both so excited as are the family I'm sure. My parents will become grandparents for the first time, my sister and auntie and my grandparents, great grandparents. This weekend ... read more

In a couple of weeks i will be returning to my roots for a visit whilst on a business trip. Things have certainly changed with me. Ill be 26 weeks pregnant for a start, so certainly a little rounder than when I left. I'm coming back a married woman and with a return ticket 'home' .....well to KL. The question is, has the UK? Overall the last year has been the greatest year of my life. I learnt a lot, met some amazing people and saw some unforgettable places. There is a sense of freedom being able to carry your possessions on your back and head off to another new destination at a moments notice. Initially this can be rather challenging and physically demanding but it soon becomes a way of life. And it was a ... read more

It is strange looking at my blog today, 348 days on the road. Wow, time has gone so quickly and as people keep reminding me, my life has changed considerably. When I left the UK I was 28, single, full of wanderlust and many adventures ahead of me. Hard to believe that in a few weeks I'll be 30, married with a beautiful baby on the way. My blog is slowly becoming a point of space and reflection for me, a far cry from the early days of a new city every few days. There becomes a point in everyone's life, and your are fooling yourself if you disagree, where life become very mundane, you crave a new setting, a new adventure, a bit of 'spice' in your life. There is nothing wrong with that. Change ... read more

KL has been interesting, largely for the sights and the shopping. However it is a very hot, sticky city infested with foul belching ancient buses, too many people and too many cars. Pedestrians are hardly catered for - unusual in such a developed city. Of course we did their sky tower thing, and our hotel is directly opposite the very beautiful and elegant twin towers - once the highest buildings in the world. There are lots of memorials to various people and events here, ranging from independence, the Brits' military exploits and sultans, and the buildings - the ones we are supposed to look at anyway - many of them are simply lovely. The eastern and Indian influences are strong with all sorts of lovely arches and cleverly designed windows, also lots of porches even in ... read more
Batu Caves KL
Hibiscus street lights
Royal Selangor Pewter - gorgeous table setting

saa naaede vi til Kuala Lumpur i Malaysia efter en haard flytur. Her er meget meget varmt nede. Byen er lidt svaer at finde rundt i og vi er farret vild et par gang, men med Lottes super stedsans er vi altid kommet paa rette vej igen.. Vi har vaeret ude og se Petronas taarnene, som var vildt flotte. Derudover har vi set en masse markeder, og faaet shoppet lidt. Vi boede taet paa den centrale plads i Kuala Lumpur, som har en stor kirke og et gammelt palads. Det er ogsaa paa denne plads at det malaysiske flag blev haevet foerste gang. Men vi synes ogsaa at Kuala Lumpur er noget dyr, i forhold til hvad vi kom fra.... read more

Well we are in Malaysia and what is happening at home, the Olympics. It feels real weird even though we did not have any tickets as no point applying for any when we are not there. It feels weird being on the other side of the world when something so big is happening in our own country. We thought we would be able to wake up early to see the opening event but now realise we will be at Kuala Lumpur airport waiting for a plane to Siem Reap - really hope they have a TV on so we can watch at least something. One of our mates Jason is a volunteer for the Olympics and has started a blog on his experiences. so if you would like a first hand report on what is going ... read more
Petronas Towers

Quiet day today so went off to Batu Caves today which is about 45 minutes by train from the hotel. Really fascinating and informative as we went on a tour and conservation is one of their top prorities, which is good. We had to climb over 272 steps to get to the top so we could go inside the caves. There were many shrines at the bottom and at the top which were amazing. Can you believe the train fare was only 60 pence return! We are not sure if this is because they have extended the line and testing it out, but what value for money that was. We made a stop off at Borders bookstore (yes they get everywhere) as I had a thought that we could look at the travel books on Malaysia ... read more
Inside Batu Caves

We get to the train station in Singapore by a taxi driver who thought he was competing in the Singapore Grand Prix until I let him know that the Grand Prix does not start until September and the driver in the car infront was not Jenson Button, honestly. So lug the bags over a bridge and along a mile long corridor (well that is what it felt like) to wait in a queue with 3 people in front of us. Two were from Malaysia and very talkative i.e. where are you from, where are you going etc and the other gentleman was fast asleep - and kept on putting his head on my shoulders whilst snoring - so not a brilliant start to our train journey. I must admit it did pick up when a gentleman ... read more
Menara Tower

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