My Business Trip in Kuala Lumpur (Days 3 & 4)

Published: February 25th 2012
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Tuesday, 22nd February 2012

I heaved a sigh of happiness when I boarded my 8.30pm flight back to Singapore. I think even the air steward noticed those smiles painted on my face.

"Good evening sir, you looked very happy tonight," lamented the cheerful steward.

"Of course, I'm finally going home tonight lah," I've every reason to be happy about.

"Me too, I'm heading home after this shift," echoed the steward.

"Yeah, a long day for everybody yah," I smiled again before heading into the cabin to locate my seat.

The flight back to Singapore was packed with corporate business travellers heading home. While waiting for my flight, I overheard a fellow passenger talking to his kids to find out if they already had their dinner. He urged them not to wait for him as the flight was delayed at KL Airport. Similar sentiments were echoed throughout the Departures this evening.

Certainly, my 3 days in the KL office was fruitful in ironing out certain differences with our colleagues. A few issues remained unresolved though, due to different schools of thoughts, due to 年代久远 among other things. I guess we just had to pick up from here rather than harping on to those issues.

I'm not sure when I would be needed again at the KL office. Chances are, there should be ample opportunities in future even though I would prefer to base myself out of Singapore where my home is.

After this short stint in KL, I would no longer be envy of others flying around for work. If they are enjoying it, I would be happy to hear that.

For overseas travels opportunities, I prefered to reserve those solely for leisure purposes instead. Flying no-frills airlines, staying in non-glitzy accomodations, riding the local transportation and taking in the local cultures - these are my definition of leisure travels.

And, I'm always game for it.


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