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July 3rd 2014
Published: July 8th 2014
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The oceans are so amazing and I feel so privileged to be able to dive here in Malaysia. I want to share a few more dive photos with you from Day 2 of Semporna diving. Today we went to Palau Sibuan, an island not too far from Semporna. We are lucky to have good weather and I was lucky to be the only diver today so I did not have to worry about taking too much time with my camera. The dive master was content to look for interesting specimens for me to photograph.

Additional photos below
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Getting ready for a backward roll entryGetting ready for a backward roll entry
Getting ready for a backward roll entry

I am checking all my gear to make sure I haven't forgotten anything...weights secured, air on, full tank, BC inflates, etc.
Pharoh CuttlefishPharoh Cuttlefish
Pharoh Cuttlefish

I love these creatures. They change colors rapidly, for camouflage or mood.

Usually found on big fish, sometimes they are looking for a host and bug divers. My Dive Master and I both wear full length dive suits but one of the Dive Masters wore wide legged shorts and sure enough, up the remora went. It makes me shudder. They attach with a sucker like mouth.
Lion FishLion Fish
Lion Fish

People are always pointing these out to me...I see enough on my own. They are very photogenic, but like to turn into the wall so you can't get their face. This one had twins but I could never get close enough for a good shot. He ran interference.
Black Frog FishBlack Frog Fish
Black Frog Fish

I hesitate to include a black frog fish because it is hard to see their facial characteristics but the mouth is in the lower left hand corner of the photos. If you enlarge the photo you may be able to see the eyes. They are angler fish and have a 'pole' on their forehead with a lure they use to entice other fish to come closer. He was sitting on a piece of black coral and the Dive Master was elated to find him.
Shape, Color, and TextureShape, Color, and Texture
Shape, Color, and Texture

This is what a coral garden is all about. I am very fond of barrel sponges.

I hardly ever make a dive without succumbing to the need to take photos of these sweet fish. And every anemone is different, and most are quite beautiful.

I believe this is a giant moray and makes a great photo model. They are quite docile and I like to get close to try to get the teeth in the photo.

This eel is chasing the Dive Master's reef stick much like a cat chases a string.

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