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Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Mount Kinabalu March 23rd 2015

Mount Kinabalu Park Visitors are coming to the flat in Kota Kinabalu from Hong Kong so we plan a trip away. A quick tidy round and we leave by taxi for the bus to Mount Kinabalu Park. The minibus is already full so Carole and I sit in the Wee Lee Coffee House and wait for the bus organiser to fetch us when the next minibus is ready to leave. Breakfast of 2 fried eggs, toast and coconut jam - never quite sure when the next meal will be! Off we go - a full bus with luggage and extra parcels for delivery. A new route into the mountains with very slow traffic up the steep hills. We are tipped out at the Park entrance which is in the middle of nowhere. No where yet to ... read more
Sunrise through the mist
Mount Kinabalu
Mighty rainforest tree

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kudat March 8th 2015

Journey to the Tip Of Borneo! No bus from Tuaran to Kota Belud. A kind lady takes us to a share taxi going part way and we pay more for the rest of the journey. It is hot when we arrive. No onward journey until the next day to Kudat at the far north of Borneo. We stay at the Travel Lodge which has seen better days and more sweeping brushes. Not much in Kota Belud but we enjoy an iced coconut milk shake - very refreshing. A posh bus from Kota Belud to Kudat with air con and toilets. Very comfortable. The landscape opens up. Just a few paddy fields with flying fabric streamers to deter the birds - otherwise secondary forest and then miles of oil palm plantations. A big sign "Victory Estate Plantation". ... read more
Tip of Borneo sunset
Delicious sword fish steaks
Rungus longhouse

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu February 28th 2015

Time to move on and start our adventures. Carole is keen to see an orang utan - not easy in the wild so we arrange to visit Shrangri La Rasa Ria Resort where there is a rehabilitation project. We leave the flat early - taxi £6 (10 minutes) into Kota Kinabalu to the bus station. No point in starting off the journey dripping with exhaustion. Buses going in different directions from the city start at different bus stations - so it is important to suss out just where you need to go to get the bus of your choice. We thought we knew - but fortunately our taxi driver put us right and took us to the exact spot. Each bus has the names of the places it drives between painted clearly on the side. They ... read more
One of the dragons in the den
Dragon's  head

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah February 21st 2015

We arrived in Kota Kinabalu, which is the capital of Sabah ( the Malaysian part of Borneo) and met up with the Sabah footie team (some of them Mike knew - El Hadj Diouf who looked like a typical footballer with diamond earring and LV bag!). We met the group we would be travelling with for the next two weeks, half of them being health care professionals and a token doctor, so we were sorted for drugs for the rest of the trip. Aldrin, our guide, started talking about our trip to Mount Kinabalu whose summit is at 4,095 metres and is apparently one of the worst for getting altitude sickness after Everest. Now - I knew we were walking up a mountain but we had NO idea it was the largest in South East Asia ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu February 13th 2015

VIDA'S BORNEO BLOG 2 The text for Blog 1 was done on iPad Pages and I could not cut and paste onto this travel blog. It is available on email. I sussed out the airport bus and surprised Carole at arrivals. I went early to find out more about car hire and local air transport for our later travels. It involved eating at KFC which is not to be recommended. I picked up my chicken leg and gnawed away but then noticed all the locals were picking off little bits of chicken with their fingers and eating it very delicately. (The locals don't as a rule use cutlery but eat with chop sticks or their fingers.) It is very easy to make a cultural faux pas. The estimated arrival time of Carole's Royal Brunei flight was ... read more
Walking route into Kota Kinabalu
City Mosque

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary January 18th 2015

We have only been to Brunei in transit so many times, we have passed through the airport and wondered. Well wonder no more, myself, I was very disappointed. For me it reminded me of Darwin from the eighties, lots of public buildings and the suburbs set out with similar house projects homes. Yes their is the affluent, but also a lot of poor people. We took a tour of the river to find that over 22,000 people actually live on the river. They dwell in stilt homes and have shops and schools. We had the most lovely fella show us around. He himself was born and still lives on the river with his family of 6 children.The most amazing mosques and palaces and very Muslim. We were told that that of the 500,000 people in Brunei ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary January 17th 2015

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah August 17th 2014

Borneo! Borneo! Borneo! What more can we say, truly amazing place and we have loved our time here. Hired a car as we knew we would be covering serious miles here if we wanted to see what we wanted. First stop was Mount Kinabulu, well at least half way up (2000mtrs) above sea level, the summit is at 4000mtrs. Stayed in a beautiful nature resort right in the rain forest. Views was spectacular and so was the wildlife around us, so soothing at nighttime to listen to the jungle do its thing (rain and animal chorus). We walked a couple of the trails, very hard going as the only direction is up the mountain, think Himalayas/Everest....... Saw a few of the beautiful pitcher plant, different species from in the Cameron Highlands, this one was the largest. ... read more
The place where only good things happen

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Tuaran August 14th 2014

Vielleicht nicht der überzeugendste Titel für einen Eintrag. Er hätte, in diesem Sinne, auch "Es regnet im Paradies" (und zwar Oldenburger Nieselregen, nicht die kräftigen Tropenschauer, die wir auch schon hatten, wo es eine halbe Stunde wie aus Eimern schüttet und dann ist es aber auch gut) heißen können. Oder "Schwitzkur in Borneo". Aber wo soll ich denn anfangen? Also erstmal die drei kleinen, winzigen, Negativeindrücke nennen? Nieselregen war gestern. Das hat aber auch nicht geschadet, denn es war sowieso Ausruhen angesagt. Heute ist traumhaftes Wetter. Vielleicht sind es wieder 30 Grad,aber durch eine stetige Brise vom südchinesischen Meer her lässt es sich im Schatten einer Schirmakazie wunderbar aushalten. Wie hab ich aber auch geschwitzt in den letzten Tagen. Manchmal musste man einfach nur sitzen und der Schweiß tropfte schon von der Stirn. "Hurra! Eine Riesenameis ... read more
Bornean Sunbear
Silverleaf Langur
Ein Holländer??

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sipadan July 14th 2014

Some of you did guess properly, our next stop is indeed Sipadan, or should I rather say Mabul Island. We stay for a night in Tawau in a rather nice place for the city, and by 7.30am we were on our way to Mabul Island. I first came to Sipadan four years ago. If you are a diver, Sipadan is a mecca in Asia...or is it really? This time, I wanted to share the experience with Leslie and Tiffany. Tiffany has now over 20 dives, and she is ready for her next step, her Advanced Junior Open Water...but only next month as she is not yet 12 years old. For Leslie, well, he should be very very close to is 100th dives by the end of this yes, he is diving... I starting the booking ... read more
Family fun!
Leslie, and one of the white tip sharks...diving Sipadan...
Nudibranch on Kapalai

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