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May 30th 2006
Published: May 31st 2006
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I got a bus out of GT up to the Kek Lok Si Temple complex, a veritable tourist trap 30 minutes from the ferry terminal. It is a large and imposing complex, and it is clearly visible on the hillside from the village below. As you near the temple the street vendors get ever more touristy - practical goods like food and drink make way for the more profitable pocket sized buddahs and fake designer clothing. Eventually you break through to the actual temple which frankly I didnt rate. It was big, and complex and there were some nice features. But it clashed, the colours were often washed out and it seemed that statues had perhaps been randomly placed around. There were impressive views out across Penang Island though, and some parts were very impressive, particularly the huge statue at the apex of the complex. I met a couple up at the temple: George (female) and Barry (not female) who had been travelling together for almost 2 years. We agreed to meet later and find the elusive Daun Pisang... the sought after banana leaf curry.

We located a decent retailer of banana leaf curries, ordered the set and set down to eating what was a bloody lovely curry. The whole effort of eating with the hands added to the effect, and the price of less than a quid including drinks was unbeatable!

We went for a couple of drinks after dinner before heading back. As we walked down Jalan Chulia a slightly buth girl walked past. I wouldnt say she was manly, more unfortunate looking for a lady. Very dressed up though, short skirt, skimpy top and pristine makeup. Then a really stunning girl walked past. Similarly dressed up, even more attentively made up and swinging her hips like the catwalks finest. And then it all made sense. They were men. And scaryly convincing women. Prettier than most real women. From this moment forth, I proclaim a vow of not talking to attractive asian women... I went to bed, and had some nightmares.

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31st May 2006

Lesson learnt there aye!
Why hello there, young Mr B! Sounds like your having a Bloody good time......you barsted.....You dont seem to mention though, how it was you were so sure they were men! Not trying to be uncouth, just a concerned friend is all! =) Keep having fun! Keep that number rising! See you soon, james!
7th June 2006

Hello Alex
Would that be James Beevors of Westcliff High School? Enjoying the Blog. Been out with Mum, Dad and Willow today - good walk and pub lunch Crown Laindon.

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