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January 6th 2005
Published: January 6th 2005
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Cameron HighlandsCameron HighlandsCameron Highlands

The Insect-eating Pitcher Plant
so I'm still here in this beautiful place drinking tea... and eating strange malaysian fruit. I havn't quite worked up to the durian yet but I've tried the rambutan (this red hairy looking fruit sort of similar in taste to the lychee). went for a hike today back up to the highest point and got my foot caught in a bit of mud... oh well. I don't think my socks will ever be the same though. got lazy and decided to hitchhike back to town which was fun and actually safe. I'm heading back to KL tomorrow!
random observations about malaysia:
people eat with forks and spoons. no knives
people drive on the left hand side of the road.
the current female fashion is to wear a long one piece dress down to the calves and have a skirt underneath that going down to the ankles.
tipping is not expected


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