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Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands March 19th 2015

Coming from a country that drinks copious amounts of tea, the Cameron Highlands was a place we had to visit. Known for its beautiful mountain scenery and the many tea and strawberry plantations, we knew it was going to be a little heaven for us. Getting there from Penang was straightforward as we opted for the tourist minibus taking 6 hours(43 ringgit each). The closer we got to the Cameroon Highlands the more we had mixed feelings on the scenery. Don't get us wrong there were many moments where we were wowed. We were simply blown away by the lush greenery covering the mountains with many towering peaks all sat together in a rugged manner. However, another thing that also caught our attention was sadly the amount of mining and the consequence of deforestation that was ... read more
Our steep path through the mossy forest
Looking up at the viewing tower
Amazing vistas from the viewing tower

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands March 13th 2015

Så hann tiden springa iväg igen och jag får lov att återge min resa i tillbakablickar. Cambodja var helt fantastiskt! Efter att ha varit i kampot tog jag en buss västerut till sihanoukville. Den lilla bussen var så överlastad att jag var tvungen att sitta i fosterställning i 2h utan att kunna sträcka på benen. Ben och rumpa domnade bort. Känslan av att komma ut var helt obeskrivlig! Det är de små sakerna i livet... I sihanoukville stannade jag i 4 nätter. Dagarna spenderades nere på stranden, där independence beach var absolut bäst. Där kunde man koppla av i jämförelse med serenity beach som var partyhålan på nätterna. Fördelen av att ligga där under dagen var dock att man fick flyers med erbjudanden om gratis drinks/öl. Första kvällen delade jag och mina danska reskamrater en bucket ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands February 27th 2015

Had an early start today with alarm going off at 07.30 - not sure how easy its going to be returning to work with 04.30 starts! Anyway, got picked up at 08.45 by a friendly tour guide in an old faithfull land rover that was gonna be our transport for the day. One man from Rotterdam, Yoko from Japan and a couple from India joined me - and off we went. The first stop was to a tea plantation, to have a short talk and take some pictures. The plantation was vast with pictures not really doing it justice, with the tea trees flourishing in the most acute of angles - down valleys and up and over ridges. It really was fascinating to see. Next stop was up to the highest peak in the highlands - ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands February 6th 2015

Hi People, So today we have arrived in Malaysia, it was the easiest border crossing so far which was amazing. Our bus from Singapore to Malaysia was really comfy as there were only 9 people on a 32 person coach it meant everyone had loads of room and your could recline without guilt!!! I could not sleep thanks to the coach being freezing and I was only wearing shorts and T-shirt, some how I awoke to find Vick snuggled up in a sleeping bag so she was ok and kept warm. We arrived in the Cameron Highlands about 8am however after dropping people off and winding through the jungle roads we finally got to our hostel 'Father house Inn'. It was a large house building and was busy inside and out on arrival. As we got ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Tanah Rata January 14th 2015

Eigentlich will ich nur mal einen kurzen Abstecher auf den Berg machen. Um der Hitze am Mittag zu entgehen stehe ich extra früher auf, wandere erst in den nächsten noch menschenleeren Ort und nehme dann den Berg in Angriff. Was man hier halt so Berg nennt. So hoch sehen 600 Meter doch gar nicht aus. Es geht dann auch ganz gemütlich los, später wird es etwas steiler, dass man ab und zu die Hände zu Hilfe nehmen muss. Viel mehr als den Weg sieht man nicht, alles ist in dunkles Grün gehüllt, ein wenig Licht dringt von oben herab in den diffusen Nebel. Ganz darauf konzentriert, nicht irgendwo reinzutreten, wo ich nicht reintreten möchte, und darauf, nicht den falschen Abzweig zu nehmen höre ich im allgemeinen Lärm des Dschungels links und rechts des Weges neben mir ... read more
Äffchen im Dschungel
Äffchen im Dschungel
Äffchen im Dschungel

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Brinchang September 19th 2014

Friday, 19th September 2014 I signed up for a day tour through my guesthouse to cover a couple of places around the Cameron countryside. As it was raining the night before, I was praying hard that the rains would not repeat itself as we drove towards the highest point on the highlands, the Gunung Brinchang (2,032m). Along the way, our rover paused for a photo-taking break at the Boh Tea Plantations where the guide gave a brief introduction of the tea harvesting processes. I loved tea plantations as it gave a peaceful outlook against the backdrop of rolling hills in the countryside. The scenary was featured again and again in the travel literature that I came across while researching for this trip. It was nice to picture myself within the wide green expanse against the clear ... read more
Nice Tea Break
From the top, at Gunung Brinchang
At dawn

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Brinchang September 19th 2014

Friday, 19th September 2014 My visit to the Time Tunnel Museum was part of the one day tour that I had signed up which also covered a few other places in the highlands. This was an excellent museum dedicated to our past located halfway between the town of Brinchang and the Boh Tea Plantations. The museum charged a modest admission of RM5 and there were no other charges on the use of photography equipment. This was money well-spent given its sheer display of exhibits and artefacts from yesteryears. My visit to the Time Tunnel was timely, as it evoked plenty of fond memories of my childhood that I was once familiar with. Artefacts such as the Dumex milk powder and the soft drinks that we drank as kids as well as the many hours we spent ... read more
The Time Tunnel Museum
Old school barber shop
The ping pong bowls

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Tanah Rata September 18th 2014

Thursday, 18th September 2014 Good morning Cameron Highlands! The time was 7am as I disembarked from my coach bus as it pulled into Tanah Rata Bus Station. I was welcomed by a cold gush of morning breeze as I made my way slowly to the guesthouse, located at the edge of the town. Still, the walk took no longer than 10 minutes as I soon reached the doorstep of url=, my home for 2 nights. As it was still too early for me to check-in, I left my luggage with them after a quick breakfast to commence my own exploration of the town. I was thankful that I managed to catch some wink on the bus the night before which gave me the energy to embark on the trail to Parit Falls. Starting from Century Pines ... read more
Parit Falls
Lord's Cafe
Arundina Guesthouse

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands September 17th 2014

Wednesday, 17th September 2014 My journey to Cameron Highlands started at 10.30pm this evening when I boarded a comfortable Konsortium Bus from Golden Mile Tower. This was probably the longest coach journey ever undertaken up to this point of my life, a journey lasting 8.5 hours. Since I was never a coach person, I was certainly apprehensive about the whole experience. However, taking a direct coach from Singapore beats all other modes of transportation options available, avoiding the hassle of flying into Ipoh and figuring out how to make my way up the mountains from there. Cameron Highlands had been on my cards for a very long time. Lured by the prospects of cooler climate surrounded by tea and strawberry plantations, I was looking forward to uncover this piece of paradise closed to home. I was ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Tanah Rata August 9th 2014

We have just had the most fabulous 3 days up here in the cool Cameron Highlands. We have been staying in a little town called Tanah Rata, which has such a lovely vibe to it. The first day we just mooched a bit, ate good food and got to know the place. The second day we booked ourselves on an all day trip with a brilliant company called Eco Cameron, they specialise in all things nature with an environmentally friendly approach. Our guide turned out to be somewhat of a legend with all things nature and botanical, Francis you were da man! Our day of adventure started out with a 2 hour trek through the rainforest in search of the famous Rafflesia flower, these things are so rare and only grow in certain parts of Asia. ... read more
Wild ginger flower
The 5 strong Rafflesia gang
Our fav breakfast spot, ran by a deaf couple. Best pancakes in town!

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