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May 27th 2007
Published: August 6th 2007
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Because we hadn't been and because it is so close, and mostly because couldn't let ourselves watch Nip/Tuck for another 24 hours....Mary and I headed off to the neighboring island of Macau. We had separately been there previously, but only to the airport. We had heard people only loved it or hated it. The latest review came from Jaime and Eli who raved about the food and cheap wine....That pretty much sealed our fate...we were off to Macau.

Macau was not only the first European settlement in Asia, but is currently the ranked the second most populous country/province just behind Monaco. I actually thought that Macau did not feel that crowded, after being in China for so long being on an island of only 500,000 people feel very solitary. Macau is so small in geographical size that any family reunion could take up the whole island.

Regardless, Mary and I hoped on the late morning ferry over to Macau. We left Shenzhen in sunny warm weather. As soon as we landed and cleared customs it began to rain, and rain, and rain. We spent the next 24 hours under umbrellas that seemed in no way to prevent our everything from getting wet. It was one of those weekends when you wouldn’t have left your apartment, but instead snuggled up with a good book and an endless pot of coffee. But since Mary leaves in 2 weeks and I had no plans to return to Macau….we headed out, rain and all.

When it’s raining….there is little room to wonder around. So our movements became precise actions in order to avoid the most moments of getting wet. We searched out shopping centers, and lingered too long in shops trying out products, that on a sunny day would have never been given a second look. So we did our make-up in the Body Shop and shopped extra long in Mango. Wondered into McDonalds and Casinos more because they were shelter than the need to really see what was inside.

But the island had a bad rap at least within our group of foreign teachers. It's not as exciting as Hong Kong, and the main attractions were few and far between. However, the wine was good and cheap, the few main attractions did not disappoint, the people were nice, and our hotel room had a TV with 2 english channels. And
Just couldn't quite get it rightJust couldn't quite get it rightJust couldn't quite get it right

The famous mary and mandy picture has a bit difficult to direct today...getting the chin just right and getting the whole catherdal and keeping your eyes open....just too much
that was enough for another good weekend

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Our hotel/ nursing home hotelOur hotel/ nursing home hotel
Our hotel/ nursing home hotel

with the Front reception, the carpet, wooden sitting chairs, as well as the old man sleeping on the couch not really watching tv...i was pretty sure we had checked into a nurshing home
It finally stopped raining.It finally stopped raining.
It finally stopped raining.

Hanging out in Macau

26th May 2007

Hey Mandi, That was a very fast year and now you'll be on to your next adventure before you know it. Can't let that moss grow! Michele's Aaron graduated from High School Wed, 5-23-07. Now that ought to make you feel old! I know I sure do!!! Lots of Love, Aunt Diana
31st May 2007

MS. AHRENS!!!!!!
OMG! You never reply my comments or my mail! I just wanted to know if you would be here for my (GVA) graduation??

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