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June 6th 2007
Published: August 6th 2007
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maggie and memaggie and memaggie and me

Two Ohio girls in the big city....
As time begins to come to the end we never believed would actually arrive, everything becomes bittersweet. The cost of drinks in Hong Kong is still bitter, but the dancing with 20 friends on the streets into the wee hours of the night is so sweet. Going out to dinner proves to be the last time for our favorite dishes, but our minds are filled with visions of papa johns, large salads, and menus we can actually read. As we squeeze in final trips to our favorite beaches we are sad to say goodbye to the sandy days, but vaguely remember days when we swam in water not afloat with plastic bags, pop bottles and the occasional syringes. We are tiring of the 90+ degree and 90+ humidity days, but are not sure what we remember what snow feels like… it cold?

So we spend these final days together. Always double checking to see when each other is leaving, making sure we schedule proper time for proper goodbyes. We’re all excited to move on, whether it is staying another year in Shenzhen, starting grad school in Indiana, teaching in Minnesota, or moving back to mom and dad's home in Cleveland....but just for a moment you just want to savor this for a bit more, as much more as your lungs can take the smog or your patience can take which is China.

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my meghan....never a dull meghan....never a dull moment.
my meghan....never a dull moment.

can't have a good time without this girl
The Long gang GirlsThe Long gang Girls
The Long gang Girls

Jaime, me, jennifer, and megan stepping out in HK.
saving money...the morning aftersaving money...the morning after
saving money...the morning after

7 not so strangers picked to sleep together in a small hostel room to save money...
Almost like staying at the Penisula HotelAlmost like staying at the Penisula Hotel
Almost like staying at the Penisula Hotel

not a bad view of the Hong Kong Harbor for HK90 dollars a night
too much information.too much information.
too much information.

We all live in the same area in shenzhen. Which first meant just sharing dinner and conversation, but has ended up meaning shared beds, toothbrushes, deodorant, and too many laughs to count.
the boys (eli, james, and new friend, ben)the boys (eli, james, and new friend, ben)
the boys (eli, james, and new friend, ben)

too bad they aren't men and can afford to buy the ladies (us) some drinks
A real brunchA real brunch
A real brunch

with no rice on the table!

5th June 2007

Mandy, You look stunning in green and with your bangs back like that. To die for !!! You look so happy!!! Well I guess it is on to your next adventure. Have fun with Sara. Love ya, Aunt Diana

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