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January 8th 2007
Published: January 11th 2007
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Drop everything; the time to come to Luang Prabang (LP) is NOW! Whilst the tourism infrastructure has improved in leaps and bounds, LP remains the most charming town I have visited in Asia thus far. I hope the authorities control development so it doesn't become spoilt.

You can do as much or as little as you like. We managed to do the absolute minimum including a walk up Mount Phousi, watching the monks collect their daily alms at dawn, and visiting the Royal Palace/National Museum and Wat Xieng Thong.

The novice monks were real sweeties, and keen to converse and practise their English. It's super that they receive a good education in exchange for their devotion, which provides a lot of opportunities to even the poorest boys. There is no time limit on being a novice monk.

The LP restaurants and cafes are fabulous. But there were not enough meal or snacktimes to sample it all. Even attended an all-day cooking class including a visit to the Phosy Markets. Fantastic fun, and we could hardly breathe we were so damn stuffed.

Another glorious day was spent doing an elephant ride, trekking to a local Khmu village, and
And some for you......And some for you......And some for you......

Each devotee puts a small ball of sticky rice in the monks' bowls. Sometimes they get bananas. If they don't want what is being offered, they just keep the lid on & continue walking.
swimming at the Tad Sae waterfall.

The other top thing to do in LP is shopping. I didn't buy anything, but my cousin Chaudie bought some funky hand-made silver jewellery, and some pretty scarves and bags at the night markets.

It was really sad for us and our stomachs to leave Luang Prabang (and Laos) as we have had such a great and relaxing holiday.

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Siesta timeSiesta time
Siesta time

Reclining Buddha
Lunch breakLunch break
Lunch break

With one of the dishes - chicken and fried noodles
We made it ourselvesWe made it ourselves
We made it ourselves

Grub's up! Cordon bleu at its finest. Fried eggplant with pork, Lao pork casserole, chicken laap, and sticky rice.
Lao barbequeLao barbeque
Lao barbeque

Grilled meat at the centre. The juices flow into the soup base loaded with veggies and noodles.
New friendsNew friends
New friends

Sharing a meal with some nice girls we met - Katariina, Camilla & Hannah
LP night marketLP night market
LP night market

From 5.00pm onwards Sisavanvong Road (main drag) is closed to traffic and lots of market stalls are set up.
Ancient calling vs New technologyAncient calling vs New technology
Ancient calling vs New technology

Chaudie and her monk mates. They were very interested in what she was typing.
Beautiful story mosaicsBeautiful story mosaics
Beautiful story mosaics

At Wat Xieng Thong

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