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February 19th 2006
Published: February 21st 2006
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Real DealReal DealReal Deal

Wear your helmet!!!
Why take the slow boat when you can take a speed boat?
With one day on my visa to go and being the impatient person that I am, I weighed my options. I could either sit rather uncomrtably for 2 days and take a slow boat down the mekong to the Thai border, watching my life drift by OR I could put my life on the line strap on a helmet and sit rather uncomfortably for 6 hours while my life flashes by my eyes as I'm rocketed down the Mekong at unsafe speeds. The decision was rather easy.
I convinced this English guy Matt and his Sweedish girlfriend to take the speed boat option. I had heard that it was uncomfortabe, little did I know. The seats have one cushion for your rear, but it does little to no good, as the back of the seat barely supports anything. They handed us helmets and a life preserver jacket. My jacekt was completely torn and the pads that were there to help me float if I was thrown from the boat were falling out of the jacket. I removed that perserver and tore the pads out using them as
Takin a breakTakin a breakTakin a break

It's almost over!!!!
a cushions for my aching back. I doubt I would have wanted to survive the crash, as we were flying at estimated speeds of 100km/hr (we did the estimating). Luckily I chose the front seat, which alowed me to prop my feet up on the bags in front of me, but the people behind me were not so fortunate. Basically 8 people were squished into this mini boat coffin. I thought the boat ride was pretty awesome for about 15 minutes untill my butt began to go numb and my back started to ache. The first three hours passed by painfuy, but a little Dr Dre 2001 basting in my ear distracted me from my pain.
We stopped halfway through the trip. Matt, the english bloke, and Rob from New Zealand who had chosen to sit on the right side of the boat were completely drenched. I guess when we hit the rough patches, water splashed up. comptely soaking them from head to toe. I on the other hand was entirely dry. Sorry guys. I thought Matt and his girlfirend (who was suffering from TD) were going to kill me, but they took it rather well. The second half
Flying down the riverFlying down the riverFlying down the river

dodging rocks and avoiding other boats, we fly down the river...
of the trip was a lot easier and I even managed to some reading. All in all I think the boat ride was worth it, though I did find out that two people died last year on this same journey. Still safe and still traveing

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Packed like SardinesPacked like Sardines
Packed like Sardines

I was lucky to have the front seat, but the others in the back were not so fortunate
Angry EngishmanAngry Engishman
Angry Engishman

Sorry Matt for convincing you that the speed boat was the better option.

21st February 2006

I can't believe you all fit into that small boat. That is unreal.

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