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March 21st 2008
Published: March 26th 2008
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Waiting at the bus stop - AnneWaiting at the bus stop - AnneWaiting at the bus stop - Anne

Half way to Chiang Khong waiting for our next bus
Up early and into town to get a bus to Chaing Kong (Gin has told us that this can not be done - more touting for her friend). The bus to a little town half way costs us 40 Bht each and we sit and wait for the next bus. Anne, a very nice girl from France has the idea of asking the driver how many paasengers he needs to go. 8 or 10, so he is offered 320 Bht for 4 or us and we are loaded onto the bus and off we go. Another 45 minutes and we again sitting on the banks of the Meekong with yet another beer chatting with Anne and a chap from Austria (he did not have great english so communication was at the best broken). We wait here for just over an hour as we have arrived during lunch hour and they charge an extra fee if you do Immigration during their lunch hour. No problem - present our Passports and clear Thailand in the matter of moments. Then down the road to get a long boat accross to the other side (30 Bht). In total 150 Bht ($5.20 A) instead of Gin's 1960 Bht ($67.60 A) - makes you realise just how the folks here are out to get your money.

Immigrations in Laos is a lot easier than expected. 1 form to fill out and we are walking up the bank into Huay Xai to find a hotel. Minutes latter and we ensconsed in our 3rd floor room with balcony over looking the Meekong back to Thailand. A short walk and we check out the landing from where we will catch the slow boat the next morning. Back into town and a stop for dinner at a BBQ resurant (Saiyaponth Resurant)- very good with a brazier set into the table and you cook as you want it.

Back to our hotel to do some writing when there is a knock at the door. Anne with a bottle of Scotch under her wing, so we sit on the balcony drinking and talking until 1.30 in the morning. She is heading into China, sad in some ways that we will not be able to reciprocate the drinks with her, very delightful company and to boot a very informed traveler. We both would have liked to spend more time with Anne - very good company.


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