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July 21st 2011
Published: July 23rd 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

The bus South to the capital of Cambodia was a day bus. There was no over-night option. Too bad. The border crossing was uneventful except for the so called "stamping fees" ... there was the $1 for a Lao "exit stamp" and a $1 for a health check fee to enter Cambodia ... the guy even tried to stick a digital thermometer looking thing in my ear ... I yelled at him to back off ... no way, am I getting an ear infection from something that's been up enough other people's ears ... reluctantly gave him $1 because I was not ready for an argument ... then the visa charge came to $23 even though it should have been only $20 ... well there were 3 people in the "Visa office" so each had to get their buck, and even another $2 for a "Entry stamping fee" at the next booth, because there were two officers in the "visa checking" office ... a little maddening no doubt, but all standard for travel in most countries. The other bus passengers were trying to argue each case, and said they were arguing on principle ... but to be effective, we should either all decide not to pay any "extra" fees en-masse, or shut-up and pay it. No point in individual grumbling, because all that ends up doing is delaying the group.

Well ... we all made it across after paying the various and sundry "stamping fees" and around 18:00 a large group of passengers got off to wait for a connecting bus to "Siem Reap" the base for visiting the Angkor ruins ... while a few of us remained on the bus onto Phnom Penh.


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