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25th July 2012

I Like the pics with sea background..........
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23rd July 2012

Great shots of Kampala
Sounds like you enjoyed Uganda - a place not many people actually get to. And like you, I enjoyed my time there, and also like you, flew there from Doha! (My wife and worked up in Al Khor as teachers). Sometimes Africa just seems to call....
From Blog: Kampala
20th June 2012

Nice photo of a hot spring
However, I am 95% sure that what you are showing is a part of Grand Prismatic Spring in the Midway Geyser Basin near Old Faithful Village and not a part of Mammoth Hot Springs. I have seen that coloring at Midway but not at Mammoth. But it sounds like you had a great trip! Janet Chapple, author of the guidebook, "Yellowstone Treasures: The Traveler's Companion to the National Park"
29th January 2012
Kiel Train Station

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21st January 2012

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5th August 2011

So beautiful pics!
I traveled to Halong one time. It's really beautiful. Thank you so much for your photos. I didn't take many photos of Halong Bay when I came there. Your photos remind me of this wonderful places.
24th March 2011

Great Castle
I visited many times, And every time I see it as the first time. It's a wonderful castle!!
From Blog: Ajloun Castle
13th January 2011

Actually, Ngorongoro is a caldera, not an extinct volcano
10th January 2011

how many people go here? <3
11th December 2010

Wonderful Viewing
Enjoyed going through the pictures. One can see you are all enjoying your time at Aqaba. Good stuffNalin, Eva and Wyn.
From Blog: Aqaba
4th December 2010

Who r u?
Is this by someone random on the internet or someone that like works for yahoo?
From Blog: Dead Sea
11th August 2009

Hey Wyn
Just an FYI that Kevin keeps asking about you and your trip. I hope you're having a wonderful time.
From Blog: Travel to Berlin
11th August 2009

This is so awesome.... I'm finally taking a few moments to catch up on your trip and blog... I'm wildly jealous, you know? LOL
From Blog: Legoland

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