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March 28th 2014
Published: April 29th 2020
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I enjoyed my stay in Laos. From its dense jungle to its breathtaking waterfalls. I spent a lot of time exploring central and southern Laos. Next time I will take more time to explore the northern area. Although, Laotian culture shared many similarities with its neighbors, it also has its own distinctive flavor. Laotians are very laid back. It can be difficult to find Laotians losing their cool. I did not expect to see so much Vietnamese living there. I thought I was still in Vietnam. Throughout my time in Laos, I developed a love for sticky rice. Sticky rice is the foundation of the Laotian diet. Often eaten with your hands, sticky rice goes well with everything. My favorite dish to eat with sticky rice is Larb, mince meat with various herbs and fish sauce. Due to land mines, there are parts of Laos that are still mysterious to the world. The most recent lure for foreigners is Xei BangFai Cavern located in central Laos. This cavern is approximated to be 9km long, making it the largest cave in the world. It would be interesting to see how much more tourism this cave would attract.

A man holding his cock. Just another day in Laos...


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