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Asia » Laos » South » Pakse February 4th 2019

A lay in for us this morning. We just have to get up, take a leisurely breakfast, zip up our bag and wander down to the ferry. Our bus is due to leave the mainland at 11.30am and the boat is due to leave Don Det island at 11am. We were instructed to arrive for the boat 10 minutes before departure so, like true British Citizens, we stupidly turn up at 10.30am. We are not the only ones I might add. We observe the local courier service arriving by ferry - three motorbikes packed with goods which are driven off a wooden punt and up the beach over a boardwalk. We had a bit of a mishap with our ticket when we came to check out loading procedures yesterday...’someone’ let go of it when it was ... read more
Goods arriving by motorbike courier
Vehicle ferry
Spirit House .

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse February 1st 2019

We have arrived in Pakse. The bus station is fairly close to our guesthouse so it’s just a short tuk tuk ride and we are there. We check in and leave our bags in the lobby. The room won’t be ready yet but we have a few chores to carry out - first a bag of laundry to be booked in, second bus options for onward travel to investigate, and then to grab some breakfast at the cafe next door. Breakfast demolished, we book various bus, ferry and tour tickets for the next week and then we are all set for a sightseeing trip in Pakse. To be frank, there’s not a lot to do here, so we decide to hire a tuk tuk to take us to Wat Phou Salao with its huge golden Buddha ... read more
Big Buddha
Buddha and views
Dragon staircase

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse November 30th 2018

Pakse is the second largest city in Laos - for visitors it is most known for being close to the Bolaven Plateau (full of waterfalls, traditional villages and coffee plantations), Wat Phu (a temple that pre-dates Angkor Watt), and the 4000 islands (laid the time traditional...islands in the Mekong along the border with Cambodia). I first visited Pakse 8 years ago, and was surprised how much I loved it. At the time, it wasn't on the backpacker/tourist trail - there was one hostel, a couple of big hotels, and not much else - I walked around and saw a lot of temples and folks living normal life, and absolutely no one tried to sell me a thing - it was the best. Fast forward a few years and the backpacker trail has changed - Vang ... read more
Flying into Pakse
Flying into Pakse
Sunset view from a rooftop restaurant

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse February 9th 2018

Being the journeymen we are, we sign up for another Wat Tour; What's that you say another Wat? Yes, apparently this became a world heritage site in 2008 and was built in 10th century when this area was under Khmer rule. It is a much revered site by Laotians, older than Angkor Wat. It sits at the foot of the holy mountain called Phou Kao and was identified in ancient time with the Linga, the phallic symbol of Shiva, a Hindu God. We are assured by several visitors we have talked to that it is well worth the visit. After breakfast, we take our VIP mini bus for the about 1 hours drive to Champasak, which takes us over the Mekong via the Japanese Friendship bridge and then along the Chinese toll road which is straight ... read more
Mature Frangipani trees
Calm before the hike

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse February 8th 2018

Anticipating a full day tour by VIP MiniBus, provider Pakse Travel, we are up, breakfasted and outside our hotel by 7.40am. There are 5 of us being picked up for the same tour, an English couple from London, Julie and Alan, and a German lady called Renata, a Scandinavian girl called Sally and a guy whose name we can't recall. So we're all on first name terms and off to a great start. Before long our 12 seater is full to bursting point and a rather strange French lady ends up next to our driver. She turns out to be a pain in the proverbial, but that's another story. Yesterday we changed our travel plans for our onward trip to Savannakhet, mainly because we didn't fancy a 7 hour public bus trip, so opted for a ... read more
Tad Fane - should Leo use the zip Wire?
Tad Fane
Coffee bean roasting oven

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse February 1st 2017

Flying with Laos Airlines was a pretty good experience and, if a bumpy overnight sleeper bus is your idea of hell, it's probably a very good idea. We certainly felt we had made the right decision. The only problem came at Pakse airport and there was nothing the airline could do about it. We had booked to stay in the Champasak Palace which really was quite grand. Three French travellers waited, like us, for the complementary transfer to arrive. A different courier phoned the hotel for us and we were told to wait. A pick up eventually arrived after about half an hour. 5 passengers don't go into 4 seats too well but someone immediately volunteered to go in the back with the luggage. We don't think he was being heroic- he just wanted to smoke! ... read more

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse April 14th 2016

Während ich so da stehe, fällt mir plötzlich etwas auf. Der Deutsche der an der einzigen anderen Haltestelle ausgestiegen ist... Den kannte ich! Der saß in dem gleichen Zug rüber nach Laos und ich hatte ihn noch etwas wegen des Visums gefragt... Ist diese Welt klein... Aber zurück: Wir hatten mittlerweile den 26. Februar und ich war an meinem Zwischenziel angekommen, doch mein Handy war leer und mein Kabel kaputt. Also habe ich mir irgendwie die Zeit vertrieben und schon mal ausgekundschaftet bis um acht die Geschäfte aufmachten. Nach dem Erwerb eines Kabels habe ich einen Kaffee in einem süßen Café getrunken, denn das geht in China nicht wirklich. Ich konnte das Handy mit meinem externen Akku laden und konnte mich so orientieren. Mein erstes Ziel war selbstverständlich der Tempel, denn ich konnte schon bei meiner ... read more
Restauration per Hand
Eine Art Kapelle

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse December 4th 2015

Une petite journée de vélo Aujourd'hui 35 bornes pour ce préparer pas la suite à affronter nos premières montagnes... Paksé est une ville de passage ou il ne vaut mieux pas faire de halte (si par hasard vous devait y passer une nuit je vous conseil le river side au Nord du pont français quelques guest house y sont sympas et abordable) il s'agit juste de la porte d'entrer pour le plateaux Boloven pas grand chose plus... Il faut ce coucher tôt pour être en forme demain car de la déniveler nous attend !... read more

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse May 27th 2015

Kate and I decided to leave Tad Lo today - a very pleasant place but not a huge amount to do. Before catching the bus back to Pakse we were going to go up to see the Bolaven Plateau but because of the heavy rain that was falling and visibility being about 10 metres we had to give it a miss. So instead we said our goodbyes to the lovely owners and their children, and made our way by taking the local 'smiling lady' taxi back to the main street to wait for the bus. Nearly an hour later and the bus finally arrived and only stopping for a wee in the bush on the return we made it back to Pakse. Swopping onto a songtheaw ( pronounced songtel) we finally made it 4hrs later south ... read more

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse May 20th 2015

After a good nights sleep in a proper bed Kate and I decided to look into travelling further south again today. Savannakhet is a pleasant place to visit for a day but with no chance of doing any out of town tours we had seen enough. Wandering back to Lins cafe we had some breakfast and took a couple of pictures with the lovely owner. In low season the cafe kinda doubles also as the tourist information place - killing 2 birds with 1 stone - good idea really. So finding out the bus times to Pakse we had just enough time to pop across to the local temple. Wandering around the grounds we saw a collection of monks sheltering away from the sun under a tree, as well as a couple of men putting the ... read more

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