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13th September 2014

Peace Corps
Not joining the Peace Corp when I was young is one of those regrets I will have to live with. Sounds like a fantastic place. I think I would love the food diversity. Laughed when I read you could out run the bus. We are beer snobs we were completely understand your feelings on the beer. We have a sign in our house that says life is too short to drink bad beer. Maybe when your time is up you can stop by Belgium or Germany for some decent beer. Please keep these blogs coming as we want to know every detail of Peace Corp life in Kyrgyzstan.
13th September 2014
The bread, oh the bread

Ah, the joys of bread. Now we are talking.
14th September 2014
Ak Burra River

A slice of perfection
Well, I must say that I'm completely enamored with Osh--especially fountains that shoot water and the riveresque pools--much more upscale than the places I've been staying in drought-ridden Peru and Bolivia. Plus, you're taking off for some sightseeing. No offense, but this place sounds heavenly, so why do they need Peace Corps workers? I can show you some real hovels (and beautiful sites) down here. Please advise!
15th September 2014

Good blog! Brought back fun memories!
Don't miss the valley of Suusamyr on your way from M41 to Chayek! beautiful place to hike, cycle, camp...
17th September 2014
Relaxing in the aircon of an english pub? Really?

Good blog
Good blog...seems like a nice place to visit.

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