Kyrgyzstan: Oh How You Have Tricked Me

This journal has been deleted.
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22nd June 2014

Kyrgyz Tricks
It does sound as though you are having a wonderful time. Brings back memories of Goa where the cleaners of the outhouse were the members of the local pig family - nothing more startling than having a pig's head in your toilet bowl. Enjoy the warm weather. I'm assuming that winter comes early. By the way - Any yaks in your part of the world? Yak's milk ice-cream....mmmmm!
23rd June 2014
Osh Bazar, Bishkek

Great shot
Always love going to the market.
23rd June 2014
Pot grows freely.  But being PCV’s we do not smoke any.

that's crazy! they just grow like grass without anybody planting them? do a lot of people smoke pot and is it legal there?
23rd June 2014
That’s us!

A toast to your many children!
This is the funniest blog I've read in a long time--I even chuckled the second time through. Seriously, you have a future as a comedienne. Bring on more of the "outhouses, dysentery, stifling heat, and sheep intestines" and tell us what you'll be doing as a Peace Corps worker. Incidentally, that tin outhouse looks suspiciously new, as in, bought only for PC woosies--aren't you lucky!
25th June 2014

Hi Emily:
Thanks for the update. Glad you're having "adventures." Next time, please let me know a little about your work - definitely not boring. Stay safe!

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