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Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Shimonoseki June 26th 2019

Wednesday, 26th June 2019 Dark clouds greeted me this morning as I woke up on my 40th birthday in Japan. Not a great start for me as I had planned to commemorate this special day with a cross-island expedition between Honshu (Shimonoseki) and Kyushu (Mojiko) via the 780m Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel. After responding to the well-wishes from my friends over whatsapp, I was soon on my way to Shimonoseki. It didn't help that I had forgotten to bring along my jacket to counter the strong, icy winds along the coast. Thankfully, the rain that was almost guaranteed did not materialise eventually. After walking for a good 20 minutes, I soon reached the entrance of the undersea tunnel which would bring me across to Kyushu (Mojiko). This was easy to navigate even though emerging from the Mojiko ... read more
Mojiko Retro Town
Next stop, Shimonoseki
Overlooking Kyushu Island (Mojiko)

Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Shimonoseki May 25th 2019

Kaikyo Yume Tower We decided to go to Kaikyo Yume Tower, which is one of the landmark towers in Shimonoseki. We went to the reception to buy the tickets. The receptionist heard that I was telling Mark that the ticket was ¥600. She told me that the foreign national is half price; Mark was asked to pay ¥300. I told her that I’ve got British passport. She said, ‘Wow!’ And she asked me if I could show my passport. She asked me how I got British citizenship. I told her that I’d married to British husband and have been living in Britain for nearly 20 years, and became a British citizen in 2006. She asked me if I took the test. I told her that I managed to avoid the citizenship exam, which was introduced a ... read more
View from the tower
City of Shimonoseki
Otoshi Shrine

Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Shimonoseki May 25th 2019

On 22 April we decided to have breakfast at the hotel at 8 o’clock. We were offered a wide range of Japanese and Western style meals including fugu (blowfish)’s tempura, porridge and mixed rice with fugu’s fish flakes. Mark hesitated to try these meals for hearing a lot of its dark story of accidental death. I tried the mixed rice with fugu flakes next day. We planned visiting sightseeing places in Karato, Mojiko and the walk under the tunnel between Mojiko and Shimonoseki and going up to Hinoyama Park. Having visited the tourist information centre, we both decided to buy the one-day free Kanmon Circular Passport which would allow unlimited bus journey on Sundan (Shimonoseki’s side) and Nishitetsu (Mojiko’s side) and twice use of the ferry service between Shimonoseki and Mojiko. We bought this circular passport ... read more
Fugu Sculpture in the market
Fish in the market

Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Shimonoseki July 24th 2011

After 3 WONDERFUL years in Japan, it was time to leave home and start a new adventure. It was much harder than I ever imagined it would, and that is when I realised how much EVERYONE there meant to me. I arrived as a stranger, but left as a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, a friend, a teacher, and a J-walking highly respected member of society. I left home!... read more

Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Shimonoseki September 17th 2008

For an hour and a half I walked through the outskirts of Takamatsu, to the pling-pling-pling of railway crossings with their barriers down, and passed pachinko parlours, schools, and heaps of rubbish, waiting to be collected and stinking the streets out meanwhile. I was heading for the Yashima plateau, the mini Table Mountain I'd been seeing from my Takamatsu hotel room and trying to ignore. Temple 84, Yashimaji, is on top of it, and its also well known as the site of a great 12 century battle, the Genpei War. The path up to the top was steep and quite busy with locals getting some early morning exercise. There was mist at the top, and the temple had a red hondo (main hall) with peeling paint; I liked that about it. In front of it, an ... read more
Cliffs and rooftops at 85
A View of the Sea and Temple 86, Shido
On the way to 87

Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Shimonoseki August 28th 2008

Czas sie powoli konczy, a ja wciaz na Honshu. prawie. Czas na Shimonoseki-miasto polozone na 2 wyspach, laczy Honshu z Kyushu. Nastepne male miasto, odpowiednie aby sie zrelaksowac, odpoczac od natloku turystow. Miasto portowe, z ktorego mozna poplynac do Chin i do Korei. A jak to w miastach portowych jest tu pelno rozrywek, glownie jednego typu. Ja jednak przyjechalam, aby zobaczyc gielde rybna i na najswiezsze sashimi(surowe mieso ryby z sosem sojowym i z wasabi(wasabi=chrzan, wiec w moim przypadku bez), jakie tylko mozna dostac. Gielda zaczyna sie ok 3rano, wiec nie bylo sensu zebym szla do hotelu i jak zwykle liczylam na internet cafe. I przeszlam cale miasto w poszukiwanie, aby sie dowiedziec, ze w Shimonoseki nie ma zadnej cafejki internetowej. jako ze to bylo pierwsze miasto, w ktorym mialo jej nie byc, nie wierzylam i ... read more
shimonoseki - kazde miasto musi miec swoj szklany dom
shimonoseki z 147m.
most laczacy wyspy

Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Shimonoseki April 30th 2007

Wahooo its vacation time!!!! After finishing a ten day teaching stretch Brittany and I are now officially on vacation!!! And this is going to be one heck of a vaction! We are heading to Japan!! Becuase Japan is the most expensive country to travel in ( says the lonely planet guide ) we were a little hesitant to decide to travel there but becuase I would rather walk than fly, Japan was the perfect country to visit. We decided to take the Orient ferry which turned out to be a fraction of what a flight ticket would be and actually be an excellent experience. Being a Saskatchewan boy I had never been surrounded completely by water and had always thought it would bother me but it actually didn't bother me at all! We arrived to the ... read more
The open sea!
Bullet Train
The lush Japan

Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Shimonoseki November 8th 2006

"A lot of people don't know where I'm from" she goes on and on in Chinese. "I knew where you were from in the beginning. You want to know how? You look Asian and you talk someone's ear off in Chinese, therefore you have to be Chinese. They are the only ones who talk so damn much!" I want to tell her but don't. I suppose I'm probably having some form of culture shock going back to all the Chinese. Japanese people don't talk to you unless you ask them for something and then they're generally super sweet but don't ask you too many personal things. "You might want to watch your fly" she says to me around 3 other women. Yes, I know you're Chinese now. I'm not quite used to all the talking, maybe ... read more

Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Shimonoseki June 10th 2004

Tuesday 1st June – Nagasaki I am still not feeling 100% although my eyes seem much better but we have decided to stay in Nagasaki to give me more time to recover, our intention was to move on today. We had a Japanese style breakfast in a bento box, fish, fruit, rice and miso soup, it was very nice although we didn’t know what everything in the box was. Quite different but I wouldn’t like to eat it every day. After breakfast, we purchased a tram pass from the information centre in the bus station Y500 ($6) which gives us unlimited tram rides for the whole day. Our first stop, of course, was the Atomic Bomb Hypocentre, the exact spot where the atom bomb exploded on 9th August 1945 at 1102am, there is a memorial park ... read more
Peace memorial
Atomic Dome

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