Days 40-54: October 26-November 10, 2009

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November 10th 2009
Published: November 10th 2009
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Days 40-54: October 26-November 10, 2009

Sorry I haven’t updated in two weeks, it’s been pretty crazy for me.

I don’t remember what I did the 26th through the 29th… Probably just the usual… Go to school, come back, occasionally go to the supermarket to get food… Nothing big.

On the 30th I went to Karaoke for the first time. Masaki, Nicole, Molly and I walked to the other side of Warabi station to go to this fairly cheap place. It was hella-fun!

On the 31st, I stayed in most of the day so that I could rest up for Halloween night!!! The package Jessy sent me came sometime during the week (Thursday I think…), and so I basically only wore stuff she sent me. I bought this little headband with a crazy little hat attached to it so that I could be a witch, but I ended up looking like this gothic fairy looking thing. It was actually really cute!!! So there’s a huge group of us from the DK House going to clubs Roppongi, and when we left, people started following us and calling their friends over to come see us and taking pictures with their phones. It was like we were celebrities! Or freaks... At the train stations and stuff, we posed for pictures for some people.
Ephia went as a cute little clown, she used Christmas ornaments to make a cute little necklace too.
Lita went as a Goth Lolita, which is cheating, because she has those type of clothes anyways!!! She was still super cute though.
Chanae was a princess, Nicole was a cat, and I deemed Molly a puppet, because her cute little hat made her look like a puppet 😊
John painted the areas around his mouth and eyes black, and the rest of his face white, and went shirtless save for a few bits of cloth he wrapped himself in. Looked pretty wicked, actually; and it scared a lot of girls at the train station.
Tom had decided that he was going to go as a blue ranger, then David decided to buy a pink ranger outfit, get a wig and wear some huge sunglasses, and go as Lady Gaga. Sounds like a stretch, but I think it looked pretty good when it all came together.
Yuri and Chihana met us at Shinjuku and just wore pretty black dresses. Yuri had a little witch hat on too.
There were a bunch of other random people that went with us too (like the guy dressed in the Scream costume), but I can’t remember everyone because it’s almost two weeks after that now… Sorry everyone.
At Shinjuku, we waited for everyone to show up, and then went to the convenience store to kill some time, and then we frantically went through the train station to get on the subway to Roppongi.
We went to this club called Feria, which was bigger than Lex Queens (the club we went to before), but still just as crowded. I ended up tagging along with Kristine most of the night, and we danced with these two girls dressed as Little Red Riding hood and a French maid most of the time. Some random guy asked to make out with me too… I said no, but the randomness of it was still really weird…
Around 3:30, my feet were killing me, and I was ready to get out of there. So Chanae, Molly and I got out of there around 4, went to First Kitchen (which was amazing btw), and then caught the first subway. We decided to take the rout to Akihabara and switch to the Keihin Tohoku, because one train change was good enough at 6 in the morning. We had to stop along the way because Molly got motion sickness though, poor thing. We finally made it home around 7:30ish, went to my room and crashed for the next half of the day…

I recovered on the 1st and 2nd, it took that long… Staying out all night long takes a lot of effort.

On the 3rd, Lita and I met with Hideo-san at Harajuku and went to Yoyogi park. We conversed for a bit, and then he took pictures of Lita for a while, and then he walked us back to the station where we waited on some friends. We had intentions of meeting with our project group to ask random Japanese people about what kind of music they listen to (that’s what our project is), but we couldn’t get a hold of Ashley, and Lita wanted to go shopping, so Philip and I went to check out the school fair. We ate takoyaki, and watched the talent portion of the Mr. Sophia contest. I didn’t see the first guy, but the second guy played guitar, third guy did yoyo, the fourth guy did calligraphy, and the fifth one sang. All in all, it was pretty boring (save for yoyo guy), so Philip and I left after a short while.

On the 4th, we went to school to watch Rashumon, then our group went to the library to watch Takeshis. For the record, Takeshis has to be the weirdest movie I have ever seen. I also figured out that random boobie shots while watching a movie in the library on a TV where everyone can see is extremely embarrassing for me… I felt like crap though, so we went home without discussing the movie much, not that we understood it that well to begin with…

On the 5th, Korean History was cancelled because my professor was out of the country promotion Sophia University, thank God, because I wouldn’t have made it through his class if I had to go… I hadn’t been getting much sleep the past few days because my coughing kept me up, and I was coughing really bad this day as well. I showed up for my Japanese test, sped through it as quickly as I could, because I didn’t stop coughing the whole time. I even had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the test because my coughing fit was so bad. I came back, finished the test and went home to look up how to get to the air base.

On the 6th, I woke up, talked to my parents to find out that Rusty, my dog of 16 years died. On top of that, Chris finally got internet and was trying to talk to me, but it wouldn’t work, and I was trying to get ready to go to the air base so that I could go to the doctor. I was so stressed out that I forgot to eat. So it turns out that the air base is actually quite a ways away…
The train ride to the station was about 2 effing hours, but I made it. Then it only took about 20 min. to get to the base --how I made it there, I have no idea... But the base isn't Tokyo sized, and therefore easy to find everything and walk around, no, it's effing huge. So I get stopped by these missionaries, listen to them talk about a heavenly mother, and then get them to tell me where the hospital is. I find out I have to take a bus to get to the other side of the airstrip, and when I get to the bus stop, I have to wait almost 45 min for it because the darn thing only comes once an hour. Luckily, the missionaries walk by again, the wife offers me a ride, because the hospital is on her way to work, and so I got a ride there.

I get to the hospital, change my tri-care stuff so that I'm in the Pacific region now (which was a pain btw...), and then go to Urgentcare. After watching Fairly Oddparents for a bit (which makes me happy), I all of a sudden end up with a mask on my face in an isolated room with nothing in it, because I have symptoms of H1N1. Not cool. Turns out I don't have a fever, they check me out, and determine I have sinusitus. I am to rinse my sinuses out with salt water (which isn‘t bad when you do it right, but if you mess it up at all, it sucks as hard as an Orec vacuum cleaner…), and then I had to ask for the cough medicine. Also turns out my blood pressure was sky high. I don't doubt that for a second, because A.) I took DayQuil, which raises your blood pressure by itself; B.) I'm in a foreign country, I've been sick for three weeks, and I'm scared I could have the freaking Swine Flu now, thanks Doctors... and C.) Even up to that point in the day, the only things that I had consumed had been a vitamin, dayquil, and water.

I get out of the doctor's office, it's already almost 4, so I go to the comessary (it's like a military walmart). It was absolutely wonderful! I now have cheetos, cool ranch doritos (a little bag, I didn't want to overdue it), frozen pizzas, turkey lunch meat (you can't find lunch meat anywhere in Tokyo...) velveta, and stuff to make tacos later. I went to go eat taco bell after that, but my jaw hurt so bad (a symptom of sinusitus apparently) that I couldn't barely open my mouth. So I popped an ibuprofen, at my soft shell taco, and put away the rest to eat when I got home. So then I walked all the way back to the train station...

I got lost for like, an hour trying to find the dang train station!!! I finally just asked some random walking guy, and it turns out that he spoke English! He pointed me in the right direction, but still didn't really tell me where it was! So now I'm looking around, on the verge of tears because it's dark outside, I'm in a foreign country lugging around 50 lbs. worth of groceries in my backpack, I'm sick, exhausted, and I want to go home; but I keep going. Eventually I find this random park map and find the station on it, and then find the station. I swear to God, though, it felt like I was gonna pass out the entire time I was on the train --it was horrible!!! When I get out at my train station I find Kim --a classmate-- and we get a taxi home. So now I know that I can get lost, almost start crying I'm so frustrated and tired and confused, and still manage to make it home somehow.

But to make matters worse, I got a sprite when I went to taco bell. They don't have sprite in Japan, and so I was really looking forward to it. I put it in my purse for the train ride, though, because it's weird to have that kind of stuff out in public in Japan (they have all sorts of socially unacceptable things, it's hard to describe...). I make it all the way home, put my bag down in my room, and then the cup busts all over the place. There isn't one drop of Sprite left for me to drink. FML today, I swear...

On the 7th, I stayed in. The day before was so horrible that I didn’t want to interact with society for at least another day…

On the 8th, Lita and I went to get our hair done at this place called “Earth” in Yotsuya --John recommended it to us. The guy didn’t speak any English, but he was so lovely it didn’t matter. I had to explain everything in Japanese, understand everything he said in Japanese, and then make 4 hours worth of small talk in Japanese as three gorgeous guys played with my hair. It was a good day 😊 I now have pink hair (I was going for a light red, but I still think it looks good) that fades down to dark red and black at the bottom. I’m extremely happy with it :D Then Lita and I went to Harajuku to eat at the Thai place, go shopping at Kitty Land, do purikura (the official sport of emos), get a crepe, eat it outside of the station, then went home to do my take home exam for Korean History (which I was up until 2:30 in the morning doing because I procrastinated for so long…).

On the 9th and 10th, I went to school and came home. Nothing out of the ordinary.

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Chanae's eggsChanae's eggs
Chanae's eggs

Molly had them in her pocket, and we left them in a random bush on the way to karaoke

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