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October 25th 2009
Published: October 25th 2009
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Days 31-39: October 17-25, 2009

On the 17th, I got money (it turns out I was just trying to get out too much…), and then I went grocery shopping; nothing exciting.

On the 18th, I tried to rest because this cold sucks!!!

On the 19th, I went to school thanks to Dayquil, and afterwards Fox went with me to Warabi. I saw this cute purse and phone charm last time I went there, and I went to try to find them again, but I couldn’t find the phone charm store, and the store that sold the purse I wanted was closed 😞 So I just went home, the cold still has me feeling like crap.

On the 20th, I found cough drops at the 7-11 at school !!! :D Maybe I wont cough up everything now! I’ve seriously had to walk out of class a couple of times because I can’t stop coughing, so I was extremely happy to find the cough drops. After school, I went to the big 7 and I holdings to buy some beef (it’s cheaper there), and go home, cook, and go to bed.

On the 21st, Lita and I went to our Japanese cinema class. We met up with Sam along the way, who then showed us a quicker and easier way to get to school on Wednesday, which was nice. On the way, he told us about all these manga and video game creators who have been taking him out to dinner and stuff because he knew them from when he worked at Anime Expo in California. Sam’s a pretty cool guy, it turns out. Then we went to Ikebukuro so that Lita could get money, and Sam and Jo tagged along to get Jo a phone. I went to the Hello Kitty store and spent almost $60 on a purse and phone charm… But they’re SO cute and the purse was the last one they had! It’s an H&M Hello Kitty purse (H&M is a popular rock brand-type thing here), and it’s super cute! We met back up with Sam and Jo, then went to McDonalds, where I finally got a hamburger 😊 Sam and Jo had to stick around and finish up with Jo’s phone, but I didn’t feel good, so Lita and I went home. Sorry guys, colds suck.

On the 22nd, I had a Japanese test…. Other than that, I just went to school and then went home.

On the 23rd, Lita and I went to the onsen after dinner. For those of you who don’t know, a regular onsen is a hot spring and usually a resort that tourists go to, but there are onsen that are more like super-ultra-special public bath houses that just have a bunch of different hot tubs everywhere. This one had the regular heated one, two different Jacuzzi-type ones, one was to tone your body I guess (it hurt!) and the other was for relaxing, there was a scented one, a cold one (wasn’t fun…) the outdoor ones had this stuff in it to turn the water black and is supposed to be really good for your skin, there was a regular outdoor one, and there was another outdoor one that had the same black water, but it was hotter. There are also two saunas: one’s a regular one, and there’s another one that has salt in it that you rub on you to make your skin feel better. I couldn’t stay in the sauna for more than 5 min though, it was too effing hot… So Lita and I tried all of them, and while I was in the scented bath, she was sitting in this foot bath thing in the middle of the room, and a frantic old woman came up to her and started saying “Culture shock, culture shock, tattoo, get, get!” so we had to leave because Lita has a tattoo on her back 😞 We’ve already devised plans to get around this next time though.

On the 24th, we went to Kamakura with Hideo-san! We left around 8:15, was on the train a little after 8:30, and still didn’t get there till 10:15, which was 15 min late! Sorry Hideo-san! He took us to the Big Buddha first, which was amazing! Lita and I even went inside of it and took pictures. During an earthquake, the Buddha’s head fell off, and they had to put it back on. I took pictures of the cracks and stuff. I think I may have overdone it a little bit with all the pictures today, by the way… Then we walked to Hase-dera temple that had a bunch of gardens and stuff. At the top of the stairs, you could see the sea. It was

I'm pretty sure that bus is advertising a naughty text-messaging type thing... I'm not sure though... They're all over Harajuku too.
a cloudy and foggy day, so you couldn’t see the sea very well, but I took some pictures of sail boats and stuff; I’ll post them and you can try to find them 😊 We drank tea at this little café that was there too. The view was so beautiful and the tea was good! By now it had started to drizzle a little bit outside too, but we still went on! We went to a bigger shrine at what looked to be a more busy part of the city, and there were lots of little kids there, I suppose to get their blessing for unlucky ages. They were so cute dressed up in their kimonos though! I tried to take pictures of them without seeming too obvious, but I ended up only getting a picture of one little girl, I think… There was a wedding going on here too, so I got a little video of it, but my camera died in the middle of it, sorry guys… My camera came back to life every once and a while after that, so there are still a few pictures after that, but not many.
Hideo san walked us back to the station, and then took us to Yokohama for dinner. Lita is a vegetarian who eats seafood, so we went to an authentic hibachi place (no fancy tricks with eggs or flaming onion choo choo trains, just good food) and it was really good. Hideo-san was such a great host to us, he paid for almost everything (including dinner) and was so nice about everything. He found me on travelblog because I take a lot of pictures, and photography is his hobby, so he took a lot of pictures of us; when he sends them to me, I’ll post them. I was really excited too, because even though he spoke mostly Japanese, I understood most of it! It felt good to have a conversation with a Japanese speaker, even though Lita is much better at speaking (I was so glad she was there, otherwise, I would have been a very poor conversationalist!). Towards the end of dinner, he asked if I would give him English conversation-type lessons in Harajuku every other week or so that he could practice his English based off of my blog posts, because there are some things in here that are hard to understand for him
Magnet thing on Hello Kitty store bagMagnet thing on Hello Kitty store bagMagnet thing on Hello Kitty store bag

I don't know what it's for, but it's cute!
because they seem more personal, and he’s going to pay me for it. Of course, Lita had to do most of the talking here for me, it took a little longer for me to understand everything he was saying, and she’s much better at speaking anyways. Also, Hideo-san noticed that Lita looked like a model in most of the pictures that he took, and asked some questions and found out that Lita, indeed, wants to become a model while she’s here in Japan. Because Hideo-san is a photographer, she asked him if he knew anything about getting modeling jobs here, and he said it would probably be hard to get a part-time job as a model, but after a while, he asked her if she’d be willing to model for him in Harajuku whenever I came to give him English lessons. So we both have little jobs now that we get to do together 😊 After dinner, Hideo-san walked us back to the station, wished us well, and we went back to Warabi. I had a WONDERFUL time, and Hideo-san was SO nice. I’m so happy that he offered to show us around Kamakura 😊

On the 25th, I woke up late, finished my laundry, went to the store real quick to get stuff to make dinner, made dinner, went to my room to do homework, and now I’m updating my blog! Sorry it’s only been about once a week that I’ve been updating, I’m just too lazy to do it more than that. Plus, I really need to be studying Japanese anyways ;p

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Lita nom-ingLita nom-ing
Lita nom-ing

I taught them how to *nom*
Ashley nom-ingAshley nom-ing
Ashley nom-ing

I taught them how to *nom* I think she may have enjoyed it a bit too much...
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Me nom-ing

this just looks naughty... I didn't mean it that way, I swear!
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Pizza Chips

There is actual cheese on the chip!

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