Days 55-97: November 11- December 23, 2009

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December 23rd 2009
Published: December 23rd 2009
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Days 55-97: November 11- December 23, 2009

Sorry I haven’t updated in almost two months… School and social life have gotten the better of me. Because it’s been so long, I’ll only mention days that I remember things. I have this little planner that I occasionally wrote down things in, so that’s what I’m going off of.

On Nov. 12th, I bought a sweatshirt and a book holder thing from the Sophia book store. I’m very happy with them 😊

On the 13th, I went out to Artyfarty and had a wonderful time 😊 I see why everyone goes almost every weekend now. But everyone seems to be getting tired of going to the same club every weekend, so I guess we’ll see how many times we go.

On the 17th, I have midterms in Japanese and Japanese Development and Civ. Then on the 19th I have the other half of my Japanese midterm and my Cinema midterm.

On the 21st, Lita and I went to try to find the Parasitological museum in Meguro, but I got us lost… So then we went to the Sapporo beer museum in Ebisu, which was kinda lame if you don’t want to do the beer tasting, which we didn’t.

The 26th was Chanae’s 20th Birthday and Thanksgiving, so we (Chanae, Nicole, Molly and myself) decided to go to Hard Rock because they were supposed to have a Thanksgiving-type dinner special. When we got there, the Thanksgiving-type dinner special looked lame, so we got nachos and burgers, and they were delicious!!! Then we walked around for a while, met up with Yuri and Chihana, did Karaoke, and caught the last train home. It was a great night to end a crap week.

On the 27th, after much drama, we (Chanae, Nicole, Molly, Jon and I) were supposed to go somewhere different for Chanae’s birthday, but we ended up going to Artyfarty again. Still, we had a lot of fun 😊 The way home had to be the most amusing part of the night however, with Chanae telling almost everyone we met that it was her birthday and Nicole getting stalked by that creepy French guy. Also, the incident with Chanae sleeping on the train... Tee hee 😊

On the 29th, we stayed up Nicole’s room until super late just talking about crap, resulting my absence from my first class the following day, a Monday…

On Dec. 10th, on my way to school, I got shoved and my leg fell between the Shonan Shinjuku line and the platform. Fml… Also, the only person who tried to help me up was a woman, the rest of the half of Tokyo trying to get on the same train was just trying to go around me to get on. My legs were bruised for a long time afterwards.

On the 2nd, I skipped the movie again (I watched it online later, don’t worry). Later on that night, we went in did karaoke on the east side of the station. It was hella fun !

On Dec. 6th, we went to the National Museum in Ueno. It was a little lame, but I’m still really glad that I went. There was a lot of pottery…

The 13th was Chris’s birthday, so I spent most of the weekend talking to him 😊 Also, after Ephia's cheerleading competition, we all went to this crazy Izakaya. It was the most uncomfortable and hilarious thing I've ever been through. It was absolutely amazing.

On the 15th, I went and saw another Visual Kei concert with Navir at it. Other awesome bands I saw include Likker (awesome girl drummer and singer in the band, hells yeah!!!), of course Navir, Ha;ch, Dragon was pretty cool, and Alsdead showed up for a surprise appearance 😊 Ashley took me up to talk to Navir and buy their label’s CD, and they said they loved that I smiled all the time and that I looked like I was having fun. They think I’m cute :DDDD They also said that Ashley’s sewing ability was awesome, and they like hearing our voices from the crowd. I don’t care if it was shameless flattery for the sake of us spending more money on them, I was happy :DDD

The 18th was Amanda from Tsukuba’s birthday, and Chanae’s friend Isao took us to this nice izakaya that I had to pay out the butt for, and then we went to Artyfarty again. Turns out that Tsukuba peeps are tired of Artyfarty as well. Everyone left before Nicole and I too, so we had to find our way back on our own. I did, however, get Chris’s (muscle guy from Artyfarty) number. Not quite sure if I’ll ever use it, though…

On the 21st and 22nd, it was just cruel to make us go to school. I would just like to state that.

So now it’s the 23rd, the official beginning of our Winter Break, which lasts until Jan 4th. I have about 4 projects I have to get done within that time, and my wonderful little sister is coming to Tokyo on the 27!!! This break is going to be busy, indeed. Hopefully I’ll update in a more timely manner next time!

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5th January 2010

to much fun
How do you get all your classes and studying done, when you are out having fun all the time? I know you get it done, you would not waste time not doing it. It must have been real scary getting your leg caught like that. What is a izakaya? We have 4-5 ft of snow now and more coming. Bob has been hospital free for 1 month now, I hope it is a sign of good time to come. I am using the plow truck and plowing our driveway and yard. Surprise, surprise I have not hit the house or a tree yet. Bob hit a tree and our frind Vicki [Mich. state trooper] was here, she was laughing and went out to ask him if he wanted to file and accident report. He said hell no, it was his truck and his tree, he could do what he wanted. Are you teaching that guy English? YOu take care and be safe. Love Grandma Petty

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