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May 24th 2007
Published: May 24th 2007
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Park HyattPark HyattPark Hyatt

Lost In Translation
Wednesday started out relaxing and easy-going since we were up late the night before. With only two days left, this day was assigned "Lost In Translation." Michi and I got fancied up and headed out on the town. Our particular destination was the Park Hyatt Hotel, the gorgeous luxury hotel featured in the film. Our plan was to have a drink in the bar towards the top, and Michi was pretty sure there was a dress code - no jeans - so she sported a nice dress, while I donned some black pants and the tight (but still hopefully respectable) black shirt I bought in Kyoto.

We took the train to Harahjuku first to pick up the pair of jeans I bought at Zara earlier in the week. They hem them there. Great jeans. Great store. Have I said that already?! ;-) After we wanded through the high-end shopping area near Harajuku, Omotesando, and observed the dressed-up folks entering and exiting Versace, Docle & Gabanna, Louis Vuitton, etc.

Shortly thereafter, we grabbed an immaculate, sleek, black cab and headed to the Park Hyatt. Wow. A bit intimidating. Very beautiful. We took the elevator up the 41st floor, then
Park HyattPark HyattPark Hyatt

Where's Bill Murray?
through another goreous lobby to another set of lifts up to the 52nd floor. There are two restaurant/bars with about 20 foot walls towards the outside, all of which are windows overlooking Tokyo from 52 floors up. Almost a 180 degree view. The Lost In Translation bar was around the corner from the elevators, and we sat down for a drink and an appetizer. We arrived around 7:15, but had to leave by 8, or be charged a 2,000 yen each service charge for the live jazz band scheduled. Just looked out the bank of windows, and took in the beauty of the place. Sophia Coppola does a great job creating atmosphere in her film, but being there allows one to really see how calming, luxurious, and well, expensive it really is. We sat near the bar where Bill Murray sat, and grabbed a few pictures, but were asked not to take too many by the staff as to not bother other patrons. Two drinks and a shrimp cocktail appetizer cost more than most of our dinners over the week, so we settled the bill and left shortly after 8.

We took a free shuttle back to Shinjuku, and
Michi and NateMichi and NateMichi and Nate

Headed out on the town
stuffed ourselves on an amazing, beef-filled, Korean BBQ meal. I've included some pics here. We had tongue, more horse sashimi, and various cuts of beef that you flash grill at your table. So tender, flavorful, and not so healthy.

Following dinner we spent a couple hours at multi-floor Karaoke complex drinking sake and singing our hearts out in a booth on the 7th floor. All very technical and fun. It was just Michi and me, as our friends from the night before weren't able to make it. We finished with a night-cap at Advocates, althought it was pretty slow by that time. Then it was off to home and bed. Thursday is my lst day, and don't think I'll get the chance to do a Thursday blog entry before I leave. The food blog is next, and most likely the last until I return to Seattle. I'll be sure to post a post-Tokyo blog summing up the trip after I have to process it all.

Additional photos below
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Versace please..
Park HyattPark Hyatt
Park Hyatt

one of the restaurants
Korean BBQKorean BBQ
Korean BBQ

so damn good

overwhelming lights

headed to Karaoke
Karaoke placeKaraoke place
Karaoke place

7th floor red lights

Michi singing
Nate singingNate singing
Nate singing

hold your ears!
more singingmore singing
more singing

and dancing?

good night
feeling sentimentalfeeling sentimental
feeling sentimental

but still sounding awful

28th May 2007

Don't stpo just because you're home
Don't stop blogging just because you're done travelling. I like your style of writing, and you take a good picture. It would be a shame for it to stop.
29th May 2007

more coming..
I'm working on a trip summary - still getting back into the swing of reality at home. Hope to post a summary blog soon!

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