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October 6th 2015
Published: October 6th 2015
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Yo sushi and wagamama is not a good representation of Japan whatsoever, power puff girls on the other hand... Visit Harajuku and you are bound to see them.

We stated yesterday with breakfast at a chain cafe called Jonathans, toast and jam seemed the safest option. We then headed into the world famous Tsukji fish market with huge tuna fish, red snapper and other sea creatures being sold to restaurants across Tokyo. Avoiding the fast forklift trucks we wandered the market enjoying the atmosphere and watched as the men cut fish with what looked like swords.

After this we went off to Shibuya to visit the shops and have lunch. Shibuya is a great people watching place, we watched as some kids were being interviewed for a local tv show and took pictures of the famous crossing.

Lunch was soup and salad at loccitane cafe success - nice food,

We were now back on the metro, we so have the hang of this now but first I need the loo. The loos here famously have lots of buttons, buttons that of course I feel the need to press and I do like to talk to myself about which buttons I am pressing which meant a queue was building outside and I came out of the loo to see 10 rather angry looking Japanese women.

time me or head off to electric city, famous for its geekiness, it has slot machine galore, discount hardware and phones as well as in my words crap but Joe described it all. They also had room for perverts with the maid cafe, there were Japanese girls dressed as maids on every corner selling their cafe concept! It was an eye opener to that side of Japan but we didn't stay long as it was getting late and we had the hard task of finding dinner!!

After a long search and being told that restaurants were closed when clearly they were not we chose an Italian cafe and had pasta while watching 4 guys clearly up to no good, they ran off when police came by but accosted men when they walked through, Joe thinks they were pimps.

Today we had food success, we started the day in a Belgian cafe with eggs and toast and they were good, I even had Nutella 😀 . Our next stop was zoo-Ji temple, this is a funeral temple which has burned down a few times and been rebuilt, it seems very basic but is extremely peaceful as there are less crowds with some lovely gardens or walk around. Along the side are some interesting shines that I had never seen before, they are stone children with actual woolly knitted hats on, I remarked on their cuteness and Joe explained that these were shrines to babies that had died. This was very sad but also quite comforting at the same time (also a doctor who story waiting to happen- wait till you see the photos you will know) we spent some time wandering around taking in the peace before heading back to the manic of Tokyo.

Ginza was our next stop, we wanted to see the upmarket shopping area and the Sony buildin. In Ginza people get dressed up for shopping such as some people still get dressed up to go into London. The Sony buil contained all their new products and we spent time playing with the cameras, we didn't buy though. The toy shop was next on the list as I had a long list given to me by Lucas Mallia (he only got one toy though) apparently I have the newest Japanese power ranger in my possession- lunchtime now and we chose Japanes (daring I know) Joe had a fish bento box and I went vegetarian, I stole joes salmon though and it was amazing - a fantastic lunch.

We came across a robot in a SoftBank which was rather cool, Joe has just read me an article in the paper saying that a drunk got angry with it and beat it up a couple of days ago, the robot was very polite to us!

Time to visit the weird and wacky Japan so we went to takeashita dori where the Japanese that dress up like to buy their fancy gear, it was very busy but full of fun atmosphere with everyone getting very excited.

We visited Tokyo tower tonight, it looks like the Eiffel Tower but is orange and a bit smaller, we took the lift to the top observation deck and looked out over Tokyo- it's still hard to believe we are actually here, that is until Congo eels are presented to you on a plate anyway.

Samurai's temples and possibly a bit more wackiness tomorrow


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