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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Minato May 11th 2019

Friday 10 May 2019 - erev Shabbat Today, Friday, we decided would be our day off. So we spent the day writing up the travel blog and generally relaxing. Don was feeling athletic so he, being a good boy, went to the gym. He found the Sheraton hotel health spa to contain a good variety of facilities including a large pool. He did not swim, but worked out with the exercise equipment. This evening we walked to the Chabad for the Friday night Shabbat service. As usual they had to wait for a minyan (ten men). After the service we were all invited upstairs for a meal. As expected, many more people appeared upstairs than prayed downstairs. The rabbi and his wife had prepared for fifty people and there were at least fifty there. The rabbi ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Minato May 6th 2019

Monday 6 May 2019 - Let the adventure begin... Tel Aviv, Israel to Beijing, China The adventure began at 7pm Monday evening when we left the apartment about an hour later than I (Lesley) hoped. I had concerns about our luggage, thinking our first flight was scheduled about 10pm when it was really for 11:20. We booked two separate flights - El Al to Beijing and Air China from Beijing to Tokyo. Last year when we flew long haul to the Galapagos Islands via California our luggage didn’t arrive on our initial flight. Fortunately last year we spent a night at Don’s cousin in California so we able to collect our bags the next morning before boarding our flight to Ecuador. Plus United Airlines had several additional flights to the US reaching San Francisco, whereas El ... read more
Tokyo Tower the day after
Good night, sleep TOO tight?
Bigger is Bedder room upgrade

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Minato August 9th 2017

Update on last night: We went back not to our local train station for dinner, but a more important one, the last stop before ours, where we were yesterday morning. There was a big outlet mall there, and we did a bit of shoe shopping, and got a couple more items from the Y100 shop, before having dinner: okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake with meat and veg in the batter. Stephen also went with the declared intention of getting some video for his e-book. He has brought a explanation in Japanese of how he would like to get some footage for students o talk about for English pronunciation practice, and tonight we saw some guys rock-climbing up a wall in the shopping centre, and also the okonomiyaki cook, who were all amenable to being filmed. We got ... read more
Zojoji Temple grounds
Baby Statuettes - heartbreaking

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Minato December 24th 2016

Back in Tokyo! My flight had arrived the previous evening, so I had just made my way to the hostel I was staying at, got some dinner from the convenience store and relaxed in preparation for a busy few days. My friend came to meet me at the hostel and we set off to go to this Michelin starred ramen place that I wanted to try. I forget the name now, but it had only recently got a Michelin star and was ridiculously cheap. We walked to the station and had a good catch up as it had been about six months since we had last seen each other. We got on the subway and my friend had a thought, we should check that the restaurant is open. That turned out to be a good idea ... read more
Kaneko Hannosuke
Tokyo Tower

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Minato March 18th 2016

Hello my fellow travellers! I had an early start today, getting up and leaving together with Christian, ready to embrace whatever my last day in Tokyo would have to offer. I had a pretty full day planned for today as well, with a visit to Minato in Tokyo, then Kawasaki and then finally meeting up with Juno in Shizuoka. I said my goodbyes to Christian and thanked him for his kind hospitality before we split up, him going to work and me heading for San'enzan Zōjō-ji, commonly just known as Zōjō-ji. It's a large and breathtaking temple complex that officially originates from 1393 but can trace it's origins even further back to the 9th century. Like many other temples in Japan it's been moved around by orders of the various rulers of the region. Unfortunately, again ... read more
Tokugawa Ieyoshi
Tokugawa Ienobu
Tokugawa Ieyshige

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Minato October 12th 2015

On checking in to the Intercontinetal we found that the assistant service manager who was dealing with us had spent 21/2 years at the Wellington Intercontinental so we had a chat about this and that. Russell was American. I mentioned to him, after Lyn had walked away, that it was her birthday that day and where could I buy a bottle of champagne? Oh, he said, I meant to do something about that because apparently Lyn had mentioned her birthday to him. "Do't worry about it - I'll send up a bottle in a few minutes". Bloody hell! Sure enough a bottle of Vueve Cliquot (which I would never have bought being a cheapskate) arrived at our door. I think it was a gift because it had a hand written card from Russell attached to it. ... read more
Osaka Station

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Minato October 9th 2015

we have been super busy the last few days, so much that I forgot to blog so here is a quick run down of what we have been up to.. Photos will follow at some point to prove we are actually here and not really just in Skegness 😄 On wednesday (7th) we returned to the senso- Ji temple, we both found this temple calming even though it was really busy. Before entering a temple you wash your hands and mouth and then wash the ladle. We then headed off to one of Tokyo's biggest attractions, the tokyo sky tree. The queue was huge so we waited a long time and finally went up in the lift and as the doors opened the little Japanese ladies made a noise of delight that sounded like the aliens ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Minato October 9th 2015

Promised photos... There are more on my Facebook page too, please enjoy... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Minato October 6th 2015

Yo sushi and wagamama is not a good representation of Japan whatsoever, power puff girls on the other hand... Visit Harajuku and you are bound to see them. We stated yesterday with breakfast at a chain cafe called Jonathans, toast and jam seemed the safest option. We then headed into the world famous Tsukji fish market with huge tuna fish, red snapper and other sea creatures being sold to restaurants across Tokyo. Avoiding the fast forklift trucks we wandered the market enjoying the atmosphere and watched as the men cut fish with what looked like swords. After this we went off to Shibuya to visit the shops and have lunch. Shibuya is a great people watching place, we watched as some kids were being interviewed for a local tv show and took pictures of the famous ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Minato October 4th 2015

I write this Joe is taking a nap, it's been a long day for us. We got up and encountered a dodgy looking breakfast, (cold egg omlette??) and then we were met by our lovely guide who I had booked in advance to help us with orien in the city, she was marvellous. She took us the the information office to get city photos. We then visited the senso-Ji temple which is the spiritual home of tokyo's ancestors it is over 1000 years old. Getting in on the action I said my prayers to Buddha and shook a little wish ton and out popped a number which meant I opened a certain drawer to be told my luck. My luck for housing is to become very good - let's see hey 😊 At this point my ... read more

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