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October 9th 2015
Published: October 10th 2015
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we have been super busy the last few days, so much that I forgot to blog so here is a quick run down of what we have been up to..

Photos will follow at some point to prove we are actually here and not really just in Skegness 😄

On wednesday (7th) we returned to the senso- Ji temple, we both found this temple calming even though it was really busy. Before entering a temple you wash your hands and mouth and then wash the ladle.

We then headed off to one of Tokyo's biggest attractions, the tokyo sky tree. The queue was huge so we waited a long time and finally went up in the lift and as the doors opened the little Japanese ladies made a noise of delight that sounded like the aliens in toy story oooohhhh. Up here we could see for miles and then some, but unlike the shard, the windows were not very clean so not great for picture taking!

after lunch we decided to head to a samurai museum, we followed instructions to get there and asked directions and then appeared to have arrived in a really dodgy area with gun holding gangsters so we decided to give up on the museum and head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner which was Chinese food!

Thursday (8th)

I have been waiting for this moment all week, we are visiting Mount Fuji, well we are and we are not. Sadly due to volcanic action at stage 3, we cannot get close to the mountain so the closest we can get is to take some photos from lake Ashi. We boarded the romance car, yes it really is called that - no idea why? And this took us to Hakone, the mountain village near Fuj, you might have see the hairy bikers there recently. We next boarded another train and a bus that took us to lake Ashi, we cruised over the lake in a pirate ship to see that the only cloud in the sky was over Fuji.

Both of us were quite frustrated but I suggested we take lunch and perhaps the cloud may pass. We took lunch in a small cafe where we had to remove our shoes and sit on the floor, we had rice and chicken with vegetables.

When we came out Fuji was sitting boldly there with only the slightest bit of cloud around it, we were so pleased to see it finally, it was amazin, and we could really smell the sulphur in the air from the volcano, we also saw around the area steam bellowing from the ground.

It was now time to head back, we had a table booking for dinner where a chef cooked Kobe beef in front of us for us to eat back in Toky, the Kobe beef was so delicious, it was like chocolate melting in your mouth or candy floss - just amazing. After dinner we went to the 33rd floor of the prince park hotel and had cocktails a great end to a fab day.

Friday (9th)

Our last day in Tokyo so we thought we must choose wisely but we cant come all this way and not see Asimo.

We took a train to adaibo which is a man made island and city off the coast of Tokyo, on arrival we bumped into the Statue of Liberty so had a photo session of course, we then headed to bills cafe for breakfast, in the uk this happens to be one of our favourite places to go so we couldn't not try the Tokyo version. We walked through the shopping centre so Joe could get his shopping fix and we came across Gundam, gundam is a 1970's superhero in the anime world, we watched some cartoons and saw Gundam save Tokyo before meeting the robot himsel, he stands really tall at about 30ft and is a must see if you are here.

Next stop was the emerging science and technology museum where we had lunch and learnt about the Japanese space program before meeting Asimo, Asimo is about 3foot tall, dances and sings and wins everyone's hearts, we saw him sing a song and perform it in sign language, we do have a video of this (to follow)

Of course Japan wouldn't be Japan without a German Oktoberfest, a conga line and a birdie song so we joined the fun of this which was hilarious before heading back to pack for the journey to Kyoto in the morning

take care and will tell you more from Kyoto


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