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June 8th 2006
Published: June 9th 2006
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Karate PartyKarate PartyKarate Party

Marissa tried some karate, Amy was picked up and dropped into the party! (The guy in red is an Aussie called Matt)
It started with daquiris, they got us in the mood,
Then a bus ride to Chatty and Blake made us some food.
We stocked up on beers then a short taxi ride,
Waiting at the bus stop, sitting side by side.
We arrived at the party and knocked on the door,
And added our shoes to the pile on the floor.
Some Aussies, some Kiwis and Japanese brides,
This is who greeted us when we walked inside.
A house warming party, an Australian plant we brought,
Us bloody loud Aussies, or so others thought.
Thrown out of the party, the neighbours too close,
So Blake entertained us throwing his bike into posts.
Walking down back streets without a care,
Blake couldnt resist Haren's dare
Straight up the wall and into a tree,
It could've turned into a drunken tragedy.
Busting to go and no toilet in sight,
Sweet talked the hotel guy, we made his night!!
A bar next to 'Boozer' and another round of beers,
'Kampeii' in Japan is how you say 'cheers'!
For singing and water fights and a little more booze,
To karaoke we went where Marissa had a snooze.
Laughing and joking as we walked out the door,
And to our surprise, it was night time no more!
The streets were so quiet, noone was there,
Marissa curled up and had a sleep on a chair.
Then she woke up and tried some karate,
Amy saw her on the ground so fell into the party.
Time for some breakfast, Royal Host was the go,
At 6 in the morning we saw people we know!!
A steak, a club sandwich, a beer and some fries,
And again Marissa lay down and closed her eyes.
Into a cab, bed just out of reach,
When someone suggested, "Let's go to the beach"
A beautiful morning, life it was grand,
Marissa all alone went to sleep on the sand.
The water was sparkling, the waves crashed around,
We practised our golf swing with two fishermen we found.
We waited at Family Mart, the cab took its time,
And now we are coming to the end of our rhyme.
Arrived home at nine, what more can we say?
This was the night we called it a day.

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The loud AussiesThe loud Aussies
The loud Aussies

Some Kiwis, some Aussies and Japanese brides. (Haran NZ white shirt, Todd, his house, tall guy at back, and Blake ruining the photo). Also at back right Anthony from Oz.
A proud AussieA proud Aussie
A proud Aussie

All revved up for the World Cup

Walking through backstreets, without a care

He looks really scary in this photo!!
Back streetsBack streets
Back streets

Straight up the wall and into a tree
Megan, Blake and MarissaMegan, Blake and Marissa
Megan, Blake and Marissa

The bar next to 'Boozer'

For singing and dancing and a little more booze...

... to Karaoke where Marissa had a snooze

Marissa still sleeping....

.....But a sudden burst of energy and shes the Karaoke Queen!

To our surprise it was night time no more!

Marissa curled up and went to sleep on a chair
Royal HostRoyal Host
Royal Host

This guy was sleeping over his breakfast, wish you could have seen the look on his face when he woke up!!

The water was sparkling, life it was grand

10th June 2006

See you soon
Hope Marissa got a good days sleep after all that- now I know why you werent answering until 3pm!! Poor man asleep over breakfast - you probably scared the life out of him!! Looking fwd to Tokyo Photos
11th June 2006

You guys are awesome...
Hey my girlies, that was a fantastic poem adn set of photos my favourite yet... Very smart. Makes me miss you more and our endless good nights out. Looks like you are partying up hard. Glad you are enjoying your nights out. I miss you everytime I go out... Esp at the alma it just doesn't feel the same when I have something new to tell and you guys aren't there to hear about it. Marissa those sleeping photos were just hillarious. tell me one thing - were any of them set up or were you seriously asleep!!!! I am so envious that I am not there with you... Blake sounds like a barrel of laughs I am glad you have met some nice friends. I hoep school is going well for you. Love ya Danielle
15th June 2006

hard time
Hey Ame, fantastic description of a quiet night out! Loved all the photos, great of the little ones. What a wonderful treasure this will be for your children to read!! Bet you're excited about your impending visitors (not imposing silly, impending). Keep up the great poetry and the sneaky photography. Love and kisses Lol

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