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November 27th 2006
Published: November 27th 2006
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I am in Japan!!! A long way from Adelaide, Australia, but here I am in Shizuoka for a year teaching at an English Kindergarten while seeing and experiencing as much of this crazy, mixed up, amazing country as I can!

Hello faithful followers and random passers by, are you in for a treat today!!!

After a request from Mum for more pictures of Autumn (aka Fall for those who are being taught English by Americans!!) leaves I braved the elements and headed out on my Public Holiday Thursday with my trusty camera and my eyes peeled. I battled savage dogs, killer spiders, and ferocious countryside but thankfully managed to make it back alive. Ok, you can all breathe a sigh of reLEAF!

So here you are Mum, for all the parcels and love, its the LEAFt I can do!!!

Additional photos below
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Mountains at duskMountains at dusk
Mountains at dusk

You can see the different colours
Christmas leavesChristmas leaves
Christmas leaves

I love this time of year!!

Ha is leaf in Japanese
Palm Leaves?!Palm Leaves?!
Palm Leaves?!

This palm tree had a strange attachment!
Ocha LeavesOcha Leaves
Ocha Leaves

Ocha= Green tea
Killer SpidersKiller Spiders
Killer Spiders

Now do you beLEAVE me?!
Treacherous countrysideTreacherous countryside
Treacherous countryside

I think there was a very special kind of leaf growing in this hut!!
A wreath of leavesA wreath of leaves
A wreath of leaves

Say that ten times fast!!

27th November 2006

Amy The Mad Photograher
Hi Amy, how are going great to see the photos you will never run out of things to photo by the look of it,every thing is fine here tonight is the AGM for the NEFL so Dads last night as president so l think he be glad for the break, hes done a great job but dont tell him, still working on the email will get there soon, see yah Amy. Pete
27th November 2006

leaf off with the puns!
Hi Amy I feel a little faint after all those puns. I can't match you for puns but have 2 jokes you might not have heard.... A Grasshopper walks into a bar and asks for a drink. "Hi!!" said the bbartender..."we've got a drink named after you!!". "Oh" said the grasshopper..."you have a drink called Melvin?". Ha Ha or...A penguin walks into a bar. "can I help you" said the bartender. "I'm looking for my brother" said the penguin. "What does he look like?" asked the bartender..... Sorry about those but the others (the ones the KIDS told) shouldn't be told over the internet or I might get a visit from the Federal Police!! THanks for the pics...they are lovely as usual and hope Liz is happy! Lovely and warm here...8pm and the kids are making heaps of noise in the pool. The dog is carrying on like a mad thing and the cat has decided they are all too much and is moving out. I think the Wendy's icecreams they had on the way home must have had too many preservatives or something...they've gone feral!! Matt has Year 10 and Year 11 exams this week and next. How awful! Bet you are glad you have finished all that stuff.. Lots of love Sheila
27th November 2006

Its "make like a tree and get out of here. You sound like a damn fool when you say it wrong!" Only joking...its LEAVE you BUTTHEAD!
28th November 2006

SySTEMmatically LEAFing us no choice...
The LEAFt you could do is give us some more pictures of yourself! I like the theme blog though, the coming of fall is sort of like the cherry blossoms... reminds us of LEAF and Death. LEAF Fuji alone too. Cant you have one post without it?! ha ha. Those Bonsai are incredible, I think I would enjoy a Bonsai tour of Japan more than anything else. I love trees! great post, but you LEAF me no choice but to re-use all the puns- there's not much to do with the word LEAF!
28th November 2006

Any wombats there?
UnbeLEAVEable pic's Aims. Well done. Well it's lovely weather here in QLD at the moment, just a tad under 40 deg's so definitely trying to stay in the shade. If we had some water in Toowoomba it would quite handy, a bloke could go for a swim. Guess ya heard we flogged the Pom's at the Gabba, yeah-ha! Bring on Adelaide, oops I'm not going now, I'm heading home to have Xmas with Sam, Michelle and the folks. Probably play bowls on Saturday, bake foot day, that'll be some fun. Boys vs girls so I'll see how good mum is. Other than that, not much happening, just gearing up for the Xmas partying. Chat soon. Ben.
28th November 2006

Hey Aim's! Wow, i feel like i've just viewed every leaf in Japan! I'm glad you risked your life trethching through that vigorous coutryside for those beautiful pics! Okay seeing as bad jokes are the go, here goes one: Why is the sand wet at the beach? Cos the sea 'weed'! hahahah! Just thought i'd remind you that he Cricket is on this Friday at the Adel Oval! I'll think of you when i drink my first beer on the hill under the scoreboard! We'll i had better keep it short and shiny today, gotta go and 'leaf' you alone! Ha! P.S - i'm sad, Rob and Bec are selling their townhouse now. I lose another favourite neighbour! Are people trying to tell me something....! The first open inspection is this Sunday! Ooo Roo!
28th November 2006

What a beautiful present Amy. Thankyou so much. The mountains look just the same but so different with their new colours. I have always loved bonsai and dead trees as you know I love their skeletons, but that one with the life line is very special. I will have to think up some more requests- perhaps snow would be a good theme in a couple of months!!
30th November 2006

so cute!
You are cute and so are you kids! Keep up the good work.
11th December 2006

Ha ha!
I can't beLEAF the awful punniness here!!! It LEAFS alot to be desired!! ;)
25th October 2007

I like leafs too! Thats how I found you. GO LEAFS!!!!

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