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October 10th 2016
Published: October 11th 2016
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Today I woke up late again.

As it is a national holiday here in Japan, I had no school. I learned it was actually the "National Health and Sport Day" which is commemorating the opening ceremony of the Olympic games of Tokyo 1964.

Last night, Reina-san told me that there is a handmade market near Umeda (where I was yesterday), so I decided to go again. I met Fanny (french girl from the school) in the small temple near Umeda, and we were on our way to find the market.

On the way, we stopped at Yodobashi Camera, a big electronic store, in order to check for my sim card as I still don't have one :P The store was so crowded, it was unbelievable! It seems anyway,that in Umeda there is always a lot of people as it is the shopping area. After strolling in the very busy shop for 20 min, I gave up on the sim card and we were on our way out to find the market.

The market was actually where we were the day before, next to the costume contest and the dancing guy. It was really small, but some beautiful handcraft were presented there. Some really traditional Japanese things and some others more recent like bags and clothes.

After that, we stopped to watch another dancing guy, but he was not any closer to the level of the one of Sunday :D

In Umeda, one of the thing to see is the "Sky Building". It consists of 2 towers linked by a round shape "sky garden". They say it has an "Arc de Triomphe" shape...which you can see if you really search for it lol. When we arrived there, I have to say that the building was really impressive, and if there is a garden up there, the view must be fabulous. You can visit it normally, but as it was national holiday, it was closed... I will go again there 😊

After, we decided to go to see the city office, which is located on an island in the middle of Osaka. The building had nothing really special, but on the island there is a big park where I found the "Jet d'eau d'Osaka" 😊 We strolled in the park for a bit and we saw many people enjoying life there. Some young guys were practicing dancing, while some family were having picknick. We even saw a place where you can try overboard (this things you can use for not walking anymore), and people were really enjoying their time. Young, old, there was even a slalom you could take :D

Then the sun came down, and we were hungry, so we went to Dotombori to have some takoyaki... AGAIN.

Once our stomachs full, I decided to show Fanny the small hidden temple in Dotombori as she never saw it. As it was a national holiday, there was a small procession in the temple with all lights on. It looked really secret and was really interesting to see the monks praying and doing the ceremony.

Then I went home and as: 1. I was tired and 2. I have the school ceremony tomorrow morning, I went to bed quite early.

Oyasumi 😊

PS: Scroll down for more picture :P

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11th October 2016

Nice Arthur. I see you are enjoying your stay. I'm really happy for you. And I'm really happy to read about your discoveries. You have to try Kobe BEEF!!! You can die after you've done that. Take Care. Don't forget about going for Kendo. Otherwise you'll end up fat and floppy...

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