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Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka April 2nd 2015

Die ersten Urlaubstage in Osaka....... read more
Erster Abendspaziergang
Osaka Castle at night
Osakas Altstadt

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka March 31st 2015

Osaka hier ein paar Fotos aus Osaka, nachdem ich dort auch zwei Tage lang war.... read more
Japanisches Restaurant

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka November 22nd 2014

Today we ride a series of six trains down off the mountain and across Japan to Osaka. An early start got us onto the first cablecar down to Gora, we were the only passengers. We purchased tickets for Odawara and almost immediately stepped on to the virtually empty mountain train. This has to be one of the most spectacular train rides ever with bridges over ravines, three switchbacks and nine tunnels. In Hakone-Yamatomo we changed to the local train that took us into the major junction of Odawara. Here three rail companies intersect along with the Shinkansen (Bullet train). Our first task was to find the JR ticket office so we could reserve seats on the Shinkansen to Osaka. The bright green JR office was easy to spot and a very helpful young lady appologised that ... read more
At this early hour even the descending mountain train was empty.
The mountain train track winds tightly as it hugs the mountains.
Up close to a Shinkansen (bullet train).

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka October 14th 2014

Peach Air, a Japanese discount airline, offers cheap direct flights between Kaohsiung and Osaka, so we decided to visit Japan in small pieces. That way, we could save our longer holiday times for more extended trips. We decided that we would visit Kyoto on our September (Moon Festival) long week-end, and then the October (10/10) long week-end, we would visit Hiroshima. We would use the high speed rail called JR Rail to get to and from Osaka airport. Japan has a population of 127 million people and because 70% of the country is unavailable for habitation, it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. They have developed an intricate and effective rail system to move people about including a lot of High Speed Rail and many many local trains. The Japanese are ... read more
Peach Airlines
Kyoto Tower
On Our Way

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka October 9th 2014

War eher eine kurze Nacht, aber hat definitiv Spass gemacht. Um 11 Uhr checke ich aus und mache mich mit einem kleinen Umweg in Richtung Bahnhof. Der kleine Umweg heisst für mich, dass ich ein weiteres Mal ins Handcraft Center gehe. Ob ich mir heute bereits ein Kimono kaufe darüber bin ich mir noch nicht sicher. Im Endeffekt habe ich mir zwei kleine Büchlein gekauft mit Kanji-Merkbilder, damit ich wenigstens das eine oder andere Kanji erkennen kann (in der Tat hat es schon ein ganz klein wenig geholfen!). Es galt nun also nur noch nach Osaka zu kommen, theoretisch hätte ich den Shinkansen nehmen können, ich entschied mich aber für die langsamere Variante von Japan Railway. In Osaka angekommen fand das Zurechtfinden wieder statt. Es war wesentlich weniger auf Englisch angeschrieben als in Tokyo oder Kyoto ... read more

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka September 26th 2014

We left Hiroshima for Osaka on our last shinkansen (fast train) of the trip. About two hours later we arrived at our guest house in the area near Shinsaibashi station known as Amerika-mura. Amerika-mura got its name as after the war a lot of shops sprang up selling American products such as zippo lighters. The name stuck and there are now a lot of funky restaurants, shops and bars (as well as a few pachinko venues too). After dropping off our bags at the guest house we headed out to grab some lunch. We, strangely, decided on a burger restaurant called Mos Burgers which is a Japanese chain. We ordered our food and sat down at a table and waited until our freshly cooked burgers (teriyaki beef for Scott and chicken for me) were delivered. The ... read more
Shinsaibashi-suji arcade
Dontonbori bridge
Dontonbori bridge

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka September 23rd 2014

I decided to visit Osaka on this day, was only a 30 minute or so train ride from Kyoto. This was a very cool place and the weather was perfect. The train station here is very close to the park, it could not be more convenient to access, at least via rail.... read more

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka September 23rd 2014

I decided to check out the aquarium in Osaka since I learned that they had a Whale Shark in their biggest tank. While that was very cool to see one of them slowly swimming about, I was quite surprised to learn of the existence of Giant Spider Crabs. I have both a video and some still shots of them. Near the exit of the aquarium is a fairly good sized Petting Pond where you can reach down into the 8 to 12" deep pond and touch Rays, Zebra Sharks , and Leopard Sharks as they swim by. The Leopard sharks seemed the most anti social though as they had congregated in an area of the pond which cannot be reached by the hands of the aquarium guests. The Rays were pretty funny in that they often ... read more
Whale Shark

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka September 22nd 2014

Today I took the train from Tokyo to Osaka. I had booked in a hostel for the night leaving my luxury hotel behind lol. I have to say I'm super impressed with the Japanese trains. They are modern, fast, clean, quiet and very punctual with loads of leg room and reclining seats. This is what UK rail and train operating companies should be aiming towards! When I arrived I didn't really have any directions as the website was a bit pants so it was time to fly by the seat of my pants and hope luck would fall my way, which it did! I found the Japan rail office which had free wifi and a very helpful lady who pointed me in the direction of the subway and stop to get off at. Then bemused by ... read more

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka July 30th 2014

We hopped on the Shinkansen for our last bullet train in Japan, we had loved all our train journeys in the country and we were sad that the super-easy travelling was coming to an end! Our last stop was Japan’s third largest city…Osaka and we had just about 24 hours to see the city. Covered shopping streets, 808 bridges and some dodgy areas Although there wasn’t much we wanted to see in Osaka, we hit the ground running (mainly because we were hungry) and headed straight out to the Shinsaibashi covered shopping street to find some food…Donna only got a little bit snarky due to us walking around in circles (she’s like a bear with a sore head when she’s hungry!). We thankfully got food and had a browse around the shops, still marvelling at the ... read more
What? another covered shopping street?!
Pimp my bin truck

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